Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Old Town Spring

Sure, Houston is a HUGE town, and there's a TON of things to do if you want to battle traffic, or try and figure out the METRO to get anywhere, or if you want to experience a TON of culture....But there's also a little town within just a few miles of Spring, TX, just north of Houston, where we are at now, that's pretty cool, too...And it's called Old Town Spring.

You can find art galleries, antique shops, collectibles, clothing, furniture, wine, home decor, a little bit of everything in Old Town Spring. There are over 150 shops to browse...a little neighborhood of clapboard buildings and restored houses painted funky colors to brighten your day. Sparky went looking today and here's just a little of what she found.....

Now, don't get too excited, Sherry, but there were hundreds of rubber duckies in the bath/soap shop...Sparky couldn't decide which one to get you! There were ninja duckies, teacher duckies, cowgirl duckies, alien duckies, political duckies--every possible kind of ducky you could imagine!
There was a Texas store with everything Texas inside and out......
Sparky loved the porch swing, but it was just a bit much!
A big ole Amish building full of well made furniture....
Some cute restaurants to choose from....

And cute stores with eye popping colors that just beg you to come in and see what they have....
Love the names of some of them....Like this one....
And this one.....
Sparky was really good today, she didn't buy anything but a little scented bar of soap for her daughter, who LOVES scented handmade soaps just like her mom....No baby yet, it's going to be a week or so, the doctor said....So Sparky and Eldo can venture out a bit more for a few days so we'll see what tomorrow brings!  A move to a different park, that we know for sure.....Bye for now.....


  1. I'd voice that any of us visitors really fortuitous to be a wonderful spot because of so many beautiful people who have advantageous items.

  2. Looks like a colourful small town to wander around in and look, we enjoy those kind of days too.

  3. Now that's another craft project you could do in the Rv. Hand made soaps are so much nicer than grocery store soap. Still in baby wait mode, I see.

  4. Brightly colored old buildings are always attractive and just make one want to look inside. Looks like a fun place to spend an afternoon.

  5. Now there's a place that looks like it would be fun to walk around in. Forget the malls, I could enjoy this although you didn't show the ice cream shop. They must have one, don't they???? I asked Handy & Moby if these Duckies were related to them. They took a look and said they didn't recognize any of them. Thought maybe they were from the other branch of the family, the Duckeys.

  6. Our internet is sorta slow here in the mountains. . .so glad to have finally caught up. . .was wondering if that new grand had arrived. . .can see it hasn't. . .

    Did you guys have any problems making that turn to drive down to Rayford's Crossing? That is a gorgeous. . .expensive. . .but gorgeous park. . .enjoy!


  7. Adorable little shops! And buying a home made soap here and there is a nice way to bring along a bit of places you visit in the RV, but eventually use it up as it's consumable (like collecting bottles of wine!)

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard