Monday, June 4, 2012

The Name of the Game is "Beat the Heat"

Sparky is sorry to be such a whiner...mid nineties on almost a daily basis coupled with high humidity and she's gonna whine (but ole Eldo is working on getting her to toughen up and quit fussing!) Lotsa luck on that one!

Inside most of the day except for a quick trip to buy a fan to keep the A.C. air moving inside the coach and then to use outside if needed to keep the bugs, flies, and mosquitoes away...It's a high velocity fan! Let's get some air movin'! It really seemed to help ease the A.C. load run time today and made Sparky feel a lot better. We'll test it outside tomorrow.

Finally, after being cooped up most of the day, we decided to head back over to the Woodlands, not to shop, but to get some good pizza! Kerry told us that Grimaldi's Pizzeria had good pizza. Grimaldi's is located by the Waterway Square in the Woodlands. They are terrific pizza makers, and boy, are they fast! This guy's hands are blurry, because he really was moving that fast to get a pizza made.

Grimaldi's uses a COAL fired brick oven. They say they get better consistency and a better tasting pizza by using coal that they can't get by using a convection, gas, or wood burning oven. It's not an inexpensive pizza. A pizza that serves 3 is 14.00 and it only comes with cheese and tomato sauce. Add sausage, that's 2.00. Add mushrooms, that's 2.00. It adds up quickly! Grimaldi's is well known...Frank Sinatra has been to Grimaldi's and so has Rudy Giuliani, former mayor of New York.
They twist and throw the pizza dough in the reminded Sparky of her college days when she worked at Little Caesar's in Bloomington, IN, and insisted that she get to learn how to throw the pizza dough! She wasn't going to let just the guys have all the fun, no siree! Was the pizza good? Yeah! It was TERRIFIC!
After supper, the temperatures were on their way down...We sat out by Waterway Square, where there are multiple fountains.........

And places for people to picnic...This family got a Grimaldi's pizza to go and sat outside to eat it.....
And watched little boys try to capture the water in their pails.....
And watched a photographer take pictures of pretty girls...He had at least three different girls show up at the park all dressed up, one right after another. We wondered if he was taking "model" photos or some professional poses or maybe graduation pictures.....
There's lots of water at Waterway Square--cascading waterfalls, water spouts, "dancing" water spouts...a nice way to cool down for families and children and big kids like Sparky. We enjoyed our pizza and evening stroll at Woodlands...There's lots more to explore there...a Main Street that is sort of like the Villages down in Florida. We plan to go back long as the baby is still taking his time to arrive! It looks like at least another week to go......Tomorrow we move to Rayford Crossing, a park WITH amenities....See you there!


  1. Nothing like a great hand tossed pizza, walk in the park and hot summer weather. Wish we had some of that heat here.

  2. Sounds like great pizza. Those water fountains for kids to play in were the best idea ever especially in those hot humid areas like Houston.

  3. yep it is tough to beat the heat there and it is just beginning as it will get warmer and more humid... then there is those hurricane things that pop up... you are going to have to get tougher yet or simply move on...

  4. I feel your pain. It's hot in Florida too and of course very humid. We were shocked to find the prairie has such nice breezes and we can actually sit outside in the daytime, as long as we're in the shade.

    We're keeping it cool inside and now that we're not paying for electricity, not worrying! Our front sunshade has been a BIG help.

    Stay cool.

  5. OMG You poor guys!
    I don’t know where you are currently, but Rayford is the only place to be if you’re near the Woodlands.
    It’s even too hot way up here in East Texas, can only imagine how bad it is down there.
    Some friends of ours who just moved to the Woodlands sent me this:
    There might be an interesting performance going on at Cynthia Woods. You can buy cheap tickets, bring a blanket and sit on the hill. It’s lots of fun, have done it many times. Good acoustics!
    Stay in the pool. Eat ice cream.

  6. Oh what a nice place to cool off! Looks very refreshing.

    Karen and Steve
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