Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sex on the Beach

(HOLD ON, SPARKY! STOP RIGHT THERE! This is a FAMILY RATED blog, remember?!) Yeah, I know...but I still want to talk about sex on the beach, it will make our ratings go sky high, even if it's for just one day! OK, in that case, Eldo says you can get sex on the beach for about 6.50--WHERE? you ask?

At the Sandpiper Hotel beachfront BAR/cabana in St. Pete Beach where we took a day trip today to reminisce about our first vacation together. But we didn't have the drink, Sex on the Beach, because the bar hadn't opened yet. Just what is in that drink, anyway? I would be remiss if I didn't give you the link to the drink....So here it is: Sex on the Beach

For the last four years around December, we have been in the St. Pete Beach area and this year was the first time we didn't stay here. However, the first year we did stay at the Sandpiper Hotel. The industry was hurting so badly back then, we got a HECKUVA rate, and we came down for Christmas. We would eat breakfast at the little cafe each morning. The second and third years we stayed at Fort DeSoto County Park in St. Pete Beach in our first motorhome. This year we are again in Florida, and we stayed in the Naples area over Christmas, but decided to take a trip down memory lane to see Fort DeSoto and the St. Pete's beach area where we loved the ocean right outside the hotels....Because in the middle of Webster, FL, there ain't no water, NADA! ZIP! ZERO! Not even a pond in the park...oops, forgot, the pool, but other than that, forget it. So off we went to see the ocean. It was about an hour and a half drive from Webster to St. Pete Beach and worth every penny of gas to see the sights, smell the ocean, and for the bonus surprise after breakfast. And no, it wasn't sex on the beach! (The bar wasn't open yet, explains a red-faced E.)

After we got there, we ate breakfast at the little hotel cafe and this was our view looking out towards the ocean....You don't have to stay at the hotel to eat breakfast there, so that was nice. This is a great time of year to be here, however, the hotel was only at 40% occupancy! Bet there are some great deals there!

The food was delicious and reasonably priced for a fancy hotel like that. Next, we went for a walk on the beach.....No dolphins today...just lots of shore birds...The beach was quite empty! But it was windy and in the high sixties, so it felt cool.....

Then, we headed to the Fort DeSoto Campground to review what sites would fit our big rig. The park is so overgrown with huge palm trees and shorter palms, that many sites would not accomodate a rig our size (40 ft. with four slides) without scratching the sides. We took photos and wrote down numbers, there are a few sites that will work..We MIGHT just come back here coming back out of the keys, we'll see! The view of the water is a channel near and around Tierra Verde and Boca Ciega Bay. Not all the sites have a water view and some have mangrove shrubs or some other kind of shrubbery blocking the views of the water.

Eldo's final surprise, the bonus of the day, was heading over to the Maximo County Park to play Frisbee golf..There's a fantastic 18 hole disc golf course there. We'll tell you all about it tomorrow.....(But I'd still like to have Sex on the Beach, says E.) I've never had one either! laughs Sparky.


  1. I bet the deals are great ... though the owners of the property probably wouldn't agree. Beautiful, quiet beach.

  2. I love Sex on the Beach. We make them all the time. Just follow the directions and you will be drinking these for breakfast...good for you...cranberry juice, OJ...can't go wrong!

  3. Love Fort Desoto. Wish it were less pricey. Sex on the Beach huh? Hmmmmmmmmm ;-) Watch out Eldy!

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