Friday, February 24, 2012

Bahia Honda--a Car Dealer? NOT!

View from the bridge at Bahia Honda State Park
Sure sounds like a car dealer in Mishawaka, IN to me...Oh, wait a minute, that's Basney Honda!  Bahia Honda is the beautiful state park in Big Pine Key, FL. It's just down the road from us, about a mile and a half at mile marker 37. Bahia Honda State Park had the "most beautiful beaches in the U.S. in 2002", but there wasn't much beach anywhere we looked today because they were COVERED in seaweed. They are not allowed to clean it up here, everything stays natural. And of course, you are not allowed to pick shells.  According to the photos from the website, there must be times where the beaches are relatively clear, because it looks absolutely beautiful on the website. I'm sure it depends on the wind conditions how much gets blown in from the ocean.

No's a beautiful place...we took our blankets and beach chairs and spent a lovely afternoon at the state park. The Gulf side of the beaches were pretty clear of seaweed. It was nine dollars to get in for two people, $4.50 per single individual, $2.50 if you come in on your bike. Bahia Honda has a historical bridge that you can traverse part of, and get some beautiful shots of the surrounding multi hued colors of blue waters......Here's the picnic area.....

Eldy got into the water at the state park today! It's been a long time since Eldo's been in the Atlantic Ocean! He really enjoyed himself today. Forty-three years of working in a factory, he's earned this!

A few facts about the park: They have snorkeling tours which sometimes get cancelled due to jellyfish alerts, which was the case today..They say you can see nurse sharks when you snorkel..That would be cool!....They have kayak rentals for 12.00 an hour.....Bahia Honda is composed of 500 acres and includes an off shore island. The park is open from 8:00 AM till sunset. They do have bike riding on the main paved road that runs through the park, so Sparky did a little bike ride today...about three miles from one end of the park to the other.

Sparky also took LOTS of bird photos today....they seemed to be talking to each other!
"I hate to tell you this, but you have bugs in your wing."
"I know it's here somewhere!"
"My feet are killing me!"
"He's SUCH a showoff!"
And then, there was Mr. Pelican. He stayed around for a LONG time...A little boy came and sat down a little ways away from him and they made quite the pair...both having black and white coloring....and when the little boy looked one way, Mr. Pelican looked.

If the little boy looked the other way, Mr. Pelican mirrored his movements. And some times they just looked in opposite directions.....

Eldo and Sparky just LOVE pelicans...they look like wise old men with their white heads.....And when they yawn, oh, my!
This egret had its picnic lunch right alongside our picnic spot......

Off to find a good happy hour place! See you later! Karen and Al said to be sure to try the "La Ti Da" bar. We'll have to see where that is! Thanks for any tips of things not to miss, everyone!


  1. Not that it is so important, but Bahia Honda SP is actually on Bahia Honda Key. At one time it was barren coral without any trees, flowers or people. The railroad dug out a quarry on the Gulf side to make the approach to the bridge. Great place to ride bicycles since it is so flat. The state of Florida bought the Key and constructed Bahia Honda SP.

    We spent 11 winters camping at Bahia Honda SP, Long Key SP and alternated between them. Then it got impossible to make a reservation and the price went up so high we moved to Arizona for the winter. Lots of great memories there.

    Check out the No Name Pub on Big Pine Key. Don't let the outside of the Pub put you off. It is a great place and serves the best pizza in the Keys.

  2. We love Bahia Honda SP!! Wish we could figure out how to get a reservation there. Never anything available except July & August;o((

  3. NO...I did not say to try it. I just asked if you'd seen it. We've never been inside, just got a kick out of the name.

    Nice photos today. I liked the one of Eldy in the water. He looked like he was enjoying himself.

  4. Absolutely LOVE that picture of Eldy!! You should have that printed and framed and give it to all his children. Dad is having a GOOD time!!

    Bahai Honda is a place I've been trying to get reservations in for the winter for years with ZERO luck. There must be some sort of private scheme you have to know and as usual, I'm not in the IN CROWD.

  5. Absolutely beautiful. . .love the pelican photos1