Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Flea Market Day 3

The Webster Flea Market is so huge, that you can't possibly see everything in one day without wearing your feet out or your back. So back we went this past Monday to see what we didn't see before....maybe there were some MORE bargains to be had! Actually, Sparky found LOTS! Lots of possibilities to maybe buy something, turn around and sell it and make a few dollars on the road? (Uh-oh! We're in trouble, now! worries E.) Here's the first idea:
What is this, you ask?  It's a carpet cleaner! You know those little table cleaners the waiters come around with at fancy restaurants and brush the crumbs off your table with little roller jobbies? That's what this is. A little carpet sweeper! It works really really great! If you hate getting out your dust buster, or whole house long, long flexible cord vacuum hose which is a pain in the patootie to get out from behind the sofa, then bring out this little plastic box brush and get little fuzzballs, pet hair and small carpet areas swept clean in a heartbeat! You take off the top of the box and the lint, crumbs and particles are emptied quickly into the trash. Sparky LOVES it! (Doesn't take much to get Sparky's heartbeat going these days, folks! explains E.) Yeah, when you are retired, it's amazing what little things brighten your day!

Sparky thought this would be a GREAT things to have for future craft shows or possibly as a vendor at a rally. She was going to buy a TON of these.....(HOLD ON, THERE, GIRL! How many people our age do you think want to stoop down every day or bend over or can physically be limber enough to use one of those things? interjects E.) Hm-m-m-m-m......good point. Guess Sparky won't be buying a gross of those handy dandy little brush things........(whew!)  But she still thinks a LOT of people would buy them for cleaning pet hair off sofas!

Guess that was the last idea for a money maker....But here's some more cool stuff seen at the flea market that wasn't seen before......Anybody want a bird? That took me back instantly to my childhood when I had a parakeet named "Petey".

Need some slingshots? Vendor said "use marshmallows" with 'em....Glad she clarified that.....
Are these what I think they are???????

Need an old license plate or a Chihuahua? Oh, sorry! Chihuahua is not for sale, just the plates....

Here's a bargain! How do these people make any money on this stuff, we wonder?

And the usual stuff.....
It's unbelievable how many different types of vendors there are here...guess that's why it's supposed to be one of Florida's largest flea markets. We had a great time once again here at the flea market in Webster. Next week is the last time we can go, so we'll be back for one last time to get any bargains we can't just leave without! (Sparky will be accompanied by an escort, that's for sure!)  :-)  See you next time, thanks for stopping by!


  1. We just want to a Mexican flea market. What a hoot these places are. Great pictures. ~wheresweaver

  2. So Sparky, where can the rest of us purchase one of those handy little brushes? Do we have to google it?

  3. Always nice to look, but buying is always problematic storage wise. It would be easy to make the threshold of hoarder in an RV.

  4. Hey, Barb...I have a few if you are serious! :-)

  5. Love the Webster Flea Market! It has really grown through the years for sure.