Monday, February 27, 2012

Back to Bahia

We loved our first visit to Bahia Honda State Parks so much, we went back for another visit today...We spent all afternoon there. There's a little marina at the state park and lots of boats go in and out a little channel right next to the picnic area. The park has snorkeling tours for 29.95 a person, and rental of snorkeling equipment is an additional 9.00. They spend an hour and a half out at the Looe Key Reef Marine Sanctuary. Sounds wonderful! Sparky is THINKING about it for another visit....At any rate, we had a nice picnic lunch and watched the world go by.....

A couple using pedal power in a different kind of kayak....

A guy going by also using pedals in his kayak.....
The birds flew in to check us out to see if we wanted to share our lunch. First, the gulls, then the pelicans.....

Then the ibis......but they were looking for fish remnants at the fish cleaning station......
These guys looked all over the place for the fishermen and pieces of fish......They didn't know if they were coming or going!

We watched the fisherman come in with their catch. Have no idea what kind of fish this is, but he can sure be proud of his catch of the day!
We stayed long enough to watch the sun go down......It was beautiful to see yet another beautiful sunset in the keys, this one at Bahia Honda State Park at the old bridge called Flagler's Folly.....

See you later in the Keys......


  1. We love Bahia Honda also:o))

    Your sunset photo is beautiful!!

  2. Oh you are just making me so bummmed that I cannot get reservations there no matter how hard I try or at what time of the middle of the night.

  3. Great sunset, and a very interesting bridge.

  4. Lovely ... especially the sunset shot ... I liked the surprise of the man by the bridge.

  5. Absolutely love this shot Sparky! Bobbie xoxo

  6. Just in case my comment doesn't appear under the picture - sunset through bridge shot. BB xoxo