Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Never a Dull Moment at the Webster Flea Market!

With temps at 29 degrees this morning, we're ready to leave chilly Webster for the keys! Even though it's going to warm up in Webster, we've got the hitch itch to get going....but first, let's visit the Webster flea market one last time and see if there is anything Sparky can't live without.....
Ew-w-w-w-w....Really, why would anybody buy fake dog turds?  I can live without that stuff!
Wanna buy some serious hip-hop gangsta bling? It's here.....

Eldy wanted to buy this sign for me, but I talked him out of it.....
It was too cheaply made.....

There was art (?) from all around the world......I kinda liked these......

We got to see a woman making glass art today.....
Another gal making customized signs for RVers like us.....I thought about getting one that says, "Eldo and Sparky live here" so our blogger friends could find us easily in any park, but held off on that one. Just not quite my style......
There's enough hucksterism and shysters operating here selling fake merchandise, that even the ICE government guys show up here sometimes! That's the U.S. Government Immigration and Customs Enforcement Team. Apparently, there was a BUST going on towards the rear of the flea market. We ran into some friends at the market who told us all about the bust AFTER it happened. The ICE squad showed up, quarantined a booth by closing it off in yellow tape, confiscating the bogus merchandise or the bogus illegal immigrant running the booth or both, and shut it down! They had uniforms on, a white van where they loaded the illegal stuff into, and even a black hooded masked person who didn't want their identity known. (The undercover agent?) 

All this went down, unbeknownst to Sparky, who would have IMMEDIATELY whipped out her camera, and shot long shot zoom photos surreptitiously (that's SECRETIVELY in spy talk) and captured the scene going down on camera! (And I would have been trying to explain to ICE agents why Sparky needs her camera back after having it been confiscated as government property! I can just picture Sparky possibly being charged with interfering in a government sting operation! explains E.) Well, maybe that's exaggerating a bit, but there definitely WAS a sting operation going down at the Webster Flea Market this morning! Never let it be said that Webster is a boring place! It ain't!

Yeah, and what about some of this other stuff being sold at the market...they oughta arrest people who are making ridiculous health claims at the market like these guys.....
And those titanium necklaces that claim all sorts of health benefits:
Each necklace is infused with a proprietary blend of elements to improve the efficiency of your body's healing mechanisms, most importantly powdered titanium. This particular style produces twice the effects with its two strands twisted together.

Benefits your body in the following ways:
  • Promotes Health and Fitness
  • Relieve Muscles Soreness
  • Help with Anxiety and Anger
  • Increases Flexibility
  • Eases Discomfort
  • Reduces Fatigue
OK, off my soap box now.....Hey, one last thing I probably shouldn't leave the Webster Flea Market without buying? This REALLY got Eldo's attention!
Are you serious? Is this really what consumerism has come to these days? Don't even get me started! I'll let you read the sign.....And no, I don't know how much THEY cost, I didn't ask! (Aw, phooey! says a disappointed E.) He's not really disappointed, he was laughing right along with me...Well, maybe just a tad disappointed....haha......
That's all folks....that's our last day at the Webster Flea market, and it was always interesting and always informative each Monday that we went....anything and everything, as you can see from this post and previous ones....If you are ever in Webster, don't miss it! And today was our last day in Webster...Tomorrow we leave for the Florida Keys, specifically Sunshine Key RV park in Big Pine Key, FL......On the road again once more.....


  1. Pretty funny.......

    Ewwwww is right! YUCK! Hope that isn't how they advertise them but it is how they look. small dog of course.

    And then the GREAT line, surreptitiously (that's
    SECRETIVELY in spy talk) LOL - great use of BIG vocabulary

    I'll just skip the singing dancing boobs. Good grief!

  2. We love to visit flea markets just to see what people will actually pay money for. It is just amazing.
    Now jiggling breasts are a new one for me. ~wheresweaver

  3. The dog turds are probably hollow and have a door on the bottom. These are used to hide a key. I used to sell them, but I did not like touching them and I knew they were fake. I sold more hollow rocks than I did the dog dirt.


  4. We witnessed a customs raid and confiscation in New York City's Battery Park as we were leaving the ferry from the Statue of Liberty.

    All those guys selling the fake stuff had it laid out on the sidewalk. They looked like rats abandoning a ship when customs showed up. . .gathering up their stuff and running. . .but one didn't get away. . .and the custom's agent did pull his gun.

    Yes, it was exciting. . .a little too exciting. . .so I am sure had you been a witness to the flea market one, you would have liked it. . .just sayin' LOL!

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