Saturday, February 18, 2012

Big Pine Key is the Key to Relaxation

Hard not to fall asleep with the breezes swaying the palms, the temperature about 78 degrees, and you're in the shade...But I'm ahead of myself. First, we ate breakfast at the little cafe on the RV park grounds. Very reasonable and tasty....

We stayed home for most of the the brochures, read about glass bottom kayak tours, biked over to the marina to see if we could see any manatees hanging out...there weren't any.
Eldy wanted to know if he looked "Key Westie"???? Oh, yeah, baby! Love that hat!

Checked the weather at the marina.....
Sparky biked a bit on the fishing bridge till it ended, suddenly, about one mile from the campground.

While biking, Sparky ran into a local guy who was "fishing" er, snorkeling for his dinner...guess it was going to be lobster tonight!

Late this afternoon, in our search for where to experience Happy Hour to get out for a little while today, we stopped at a place called Parrotdise Waterfront Bar and Grill, and saw this out front....a big boat with a big name...People were stopping to get their photos taken in front of the boat, but we moved on, not before noticing the boat said, "Big Pecker" Really? What's in a name? Someone wasn't thinking on that one! Or maybe they were! WThe bar had reviews on the pricey side.....

Eldy's Yelp (local area search results for anything and everything) research led us to the bar called Looe Key Bar and Grill. It was happy hour, but we were waited on by a VERY frustrated, overworked UNHAPPY waitress who bit off the customer's heads at anybody who needed anything or heaven forbid, wanted another drink or something to eat! Very unpleasant experience! The bar advertises "ocean breezes" and we were thinking it might have been on the water...Nope! There were breezes,  and it was open and airy, but it was off a busy, dusty highway in front of a motel undergoing remodeling/construction. They did have good happy hour specials, and it was very popular with the locals, it appeared. They have live entertainment often. Tonight it was a gal playing guitar who was singing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" with accompaniment of a dreadlocked (intentionally matted coils of long hair) percussionist who looked like a ringer for Bob Marley, or someone in his group! Only in the keys.......


  1. Geiger Key Marina has a nice little bar ON the water and great hogfish sandwiches...expensive but worth it!!

  2. From the first picture, it looks like you have a great fly catcher there...LOL ~wheresweaver

  3. Well they say the keys are relaxing. Eldy gets it!! :-)Wonder why the waitress didn't??

  4. I know it must be awesome. . .enjoy every minute!