Thursday, February 16, 2012

Captivated by the Keys

We're here....a short drive today, and we're all settled in for two weeks at Sunshine Key, an Encore Park. We get to use our Florida Max Pass for the first time since we purchased it at the show. The Max Pass was 200.00 at the Tampa Super RV show, entitling us to stay at big discount rates in SIX parks in Florida. The six parks in Florida are: Bulow Plantation at Flagler Beach, Crystal Isles at Crystal River, Lake Magic in Clermont, Pioneer Village in North Fort Myers, Sunshine Key in Big Pine Key (where we are at), and Sunshine Travel Park in Vero Beach...We're staying in the keys for about 80.00 a week!...SUH-WEET!

We were very surprised at how roomy our site is. The roadways between the sites are very narrow, making for some tight turns, but the site itself is very big..plenty of room for our patio furniture, and our car. They have small picnic tables at each site which is nice. We have 50 amp service which is wonderful, and Eldy has cable TV! (Woo-hoo! he says.)

The pool area is AWESOME! Tiki huts, nice size pool, all we need are some pina coladas for Eldo and some strawberry margaritas for Sparky! They don't serve alcohol at the pool, which is probably a good thing!

Some of the more permanent residences have tiki huts for front porches...We love that!

We checked out all the facilities today...there's a little cafe in the Sunshine Key RV park....There's a marina that's part of the park right next door with resident pelicans. The fish cleaning station was right there, and the pelicans line up waiting for scraps.

Eldo has planted himself in front of the lychee and ginkgo trees and decided this is paradise! Yes, it is!

Sunshine Key RV park is beautiful at night, too!
We've already checked to see if we can get back in in March, and nope---all full!  Oh,'s gonna be a great two weeks in the time we get to be here, and we are grateful for that....(Hey, Sparky, did you know there is Zumba fitness and pickleball?) Woo-hoo! I'm excited! Stay tuned to see what Sparky and Eldo come up with in the next two weeks!


  1. Looks like a great park and the Keys are really a lot of fun! Enjoy:)

  2. Looks like you found a neat park for the next two weeks.

  3. welcome to the keys, we know you will love it...

  4. I'm glad you turned off the "word aggravation"....I am not fighting with those darn things anymore.

    Glad to hear you like Sunshine Key. Yeah...the roads are narrow but the sights are a nice size..go figure!

    With our Thousand Trails membership, we get the first 30 days free..then $3.00 a night. Our March trip will be free, then it's $21 a week. We don't have all the 4 zones though. Either way, it's still darn cheap.

    There's a nice outdoor flea market on Big Pine on the week-ends.

    I hope you enjoy it as much as we did...we're getting anxious to return!

  5. Well to say I'm green with envy - bright florescent green - is putting it lightly.

  6. Your site is awesome. I love you photos! Enjoy the wonderful weather and beautiful sites. ~wheresweaver