Monday, February 20, 2012

Things to Do in Paradise

What did we do today?, zilch! Sat and read, ran to the grocery store, checked out kayak rentals, bought a kayaking life vest so Sparky can go kayaking in safety....made a "wish list" of things we WISH we could do here in Key West, but not sure we can afford to.... We'll prioritize, look at our budget and decide....Even if you don't do much of anything, that's the whole "latitude with attitude" atmosphere here in the keys, you are not supposed to do much of anything!.....We thought it might be interesting to others to read about how much SOME activities cost here in the keys. Of course, there are a bazillion activities and companies vying for your dollar here in the Keys.

But here's our "wish" list:

1.) Rent a small boat and go out on the water for a range all over the place. We found one reasonably priced one for 175.00 all day plus gas. Some require a thousand dollar deposit (!!!)  No, thank you! Even if it IS returnable at the end of the day!

2.) Go on a Sunset Watersports "Do It All Adventure"...119.00 a person--"Wear Yourself Out!" they say...With 11 activities to choose from, you definitely would! Or you'd fry yourself first in the sun! Sounds like a lot of fun if there weren't too many people waiting to use the same piece of equipment. You can snorkel, water ski, use a wave runner, kneeboard, climb a rock wall, use a banana boat, sail a Sunfish, windsurf, kayak, or waterslide. For thirty dollars more, you could parasail! Eldy actually said he'd do the parasail since they offer tandem ones! Woo-hoo! Might have to consider this activity towards the end of our stay as a final blow out to leaving Key West!

3.) Take a Key Largo Princess II glass bottom boat tour--"the largest viewing salon in North America!"...20.00 a person, senior rate for the 10:00 AM cruise only. View the John Pennekamp State Underwater Park, America's first undersea park. You will also see the National Marine Sanctuary. Sounds like the best deal going so far....Now THAT'S affordable!

4.) Starfish Swim and Snorkel.....Snorkel the #1 rated reef in the Florida Keys...Sombrero Lighthouse and National Marine Sanctuary, a 30 acre protected reef. This outfit specializes in beginners--- that would be Sparky---and families and children. The last time Sparky snorkeled, the outfit that took her and her family out, did not provide flotation equipment. Sparky got a snorkel tube full of water, choked and panicked and thought she was going to drown right in front of the boat! But the desire to see some tropical fish and a reef is so strong, she's willing to try it again! 25.00 for two hours at the reef.

5.) Visit the Florida Keys Eco-Discovery Center..2400 gallon aquarium, take a virtual dive to 1600 feet, watch a movie, explore the Dry Tortugas, and learn why a fort was built in the middle of the Keys, There are interactive exhibits, dioramas (remember those little shoe box little displays you use to make in grade school? That was a miniature diorama.) The Center is located in Key West, at the Truman Waterfront, across the street from Fort Zachary Taylor Historic State Park. It's FREE!

6.) Rent a CLEAR kayak from Clear Kayak & Snorkeling Eco-Tours....Now THAT would be an interesting kayak paddle!
7.) Bike the Florida Keys Overseas Heritage Trail....There's just one problem, it's still under development and design!....Depending on what part of the existing trail you decide to get on, much of it might be on both sides of U.S. Highway 1. With busy traffic, that's not as enjoyable or safe....In reading the literature about the Heritage Trail which is being developed, it seems most sections of the trail involve vehicular traffic, or riding narrow shoulders. Not sure Sparky will be able to get on a trail any time soon and feel comfortable.....Since we are in the Lower Keys, the trail section is being designed. There are short sections at this time to the trail, but some connections to alternate paths are available. Guess Sparky is just going to have to get online and see what she can find! Eventually, this trail will span 106 miles from Key Largo to Key West!

8.) Paddle the Florida Keys Overseas Paddling Trail....for more information, visit: Florida Greenways and Trails....  And Sparky is going to do just that!

Well, that's enough of a wish list for now....we'll probably add to it as the days go for any additional suggestions from anyone who has visited the Keys! Especially if it's a "Don't Miss!"  See you later in paradise!


  1. Good start on the wish list ... I've never been comfortable snorkeling, so it will have to be the Eco Center for me if I want to see the undersea life.

  2. Very diverse list but a bit pricey for us. ~wheresweaver

  3. love that wish list! One reason we will be sure to have our kayaks with us when we next go to the keys. We did do that glass bottom boat to the reef and it was fabulous. I wouldn't want to snorkel out there either, big scary things were there. I was really glad for glass between me and them, although I love snorkeling from a beach.

  4. Nice wish list but the prices we can do without. I know you will have fun no matter what you do. Enjoying the weather is our favourite thing to do.

  5. Well clearly you'll have to come back several times to get that wish list checked off. Sure does sound fun. Wish I were there.

  6. We have an inflateable Sea-Eagle 2 person Kayak so any time the urge hits we're ready in 6 minutes and it stores in our basement inside a duffle bag.

    It's about time.

    For the cheapest prices,