Saturday, February 4, 2012

Just Call Me Duffer

Eldy had his first group golf lesson today from John Lands, PGA golf pro. Lessons were held at the World Woods Golf Club, a spectacular golf course north of Brookings, FL. If you'd like some photos of Eldy's new and improved swing and chipping form, THERE AREN'T ANY, because Sparky did not go along today. She was too busy having "me" time back at the RV--organizing craft supplies, (geez, I bet she is making room for more stuff! fusses E.) No worries mate! The thought had not even crossed my mind! Heh, heh, heh......Actually, I was finding stuff I didn't know I had! (E. says, now THAT doesn't surprise me in the least!)

Eldy got some great tips, and for 75.00 for three lessons, three hours long each time for three sessions at a top notch golf club and Florida's only 5 star public golf course, it was GREAT! He discovered that he has to change his grip, change his swing 'cuz he shakes his booty too much, and practice, practice, practice.....Guess those four rounds we won a few days ago will come in handy and Sparky will get some tips second hand, which is fine, because she's a NEOPHYTE, a beginner, a DUFFER!

And what else did she do today? Write reviews for RV Park Reviews. Sparky did at least 10 today..If you are going to post reviews, you have to get them in before 6 months are up or they won't take them and there was a lot of catching up to do!

I missed an excellent RV chat this morning. I thought it was going to be on RV interiors, and it was instead all about RV maintenance and the Alliance group that bought out the Monaco service center in Wildwood, FL when it went under. They were sponsoring the RV chat. We heard that tires were talked about quite a bit and we'll pass this along: The service guys fill their RV tires with nitrogen because nitrogen doesn't expand and get hot like air. Tire pressure will remain much more constant with nitrogen in the tires. I know that when I bought my Honda CR-V, the dealership had nitrogen in the tires when I drove it off the lot. But it was hard to find nitrogen to fill the tires later on, so I gave up on keeping them filled with it. The story behind the Alliance Company that bought back the service center from Monaco was an interesting story, and we missed a good one, according to our neighbors.

The service guys talked about the tire monitoring systems. They said that in reality, tire monitoring systems cannot predict a blowout, even with temperature and pressure readings being read however often the system is checking its sensors. If you do have a blowout, you DON'T put on the brakes. You take your foot off the gas and try to steer it straight until you can get off the road safely, well off the road.  If you have an inside blowout, it's going to be extremely difficult to steer straight. I guess knowledge of that ahead of time is helpful in some way. ?

The Alliance Service Center is in Wildwood, FL, just off highway 301 and they will service ANY coach in addition to Monaco's.  They are the third highest volume dealership/service center in the country.

This afternoon it was off to jewelry making class to make a braided beaded bracelet. It was a stretch of skills for Sparky, let's just leave it at that. I came away with a bracelet but had to have LOTS and LOTS of help! Nothing like struggling with learning a new thing to know just how kids feel in school. Class started at 2:00, and was supposed to end at 5:00. We were still struggling at 6:45 PM. We had a great patient teacher, Linda Breitner, thank goodness!

Tomorrow, Eldy and Nick, our neighbor, are headed to the FMCA Rally in Brookings, FL to check out some vendors. We'll see what they come back with! Eldo likes to collect cleaning supplies like Sparky likes to collect beads. (WHOA! Now wait just a doggone minute, woman! There's no way I've got as many cleaning supplies as you've got craft stuff!!!!) He's probably right. (Probably?  You mean DEFINITELY!).....Outta here for now.....See you later!


  1. The tire guy was correct you can't predict a blowout. If you continue to run on underinflated tires a blowout is going to happen. The monitors let you know you have a low preasure tire so you can pull off to have it serviced.

    Now if you have a blowout do not hit the brake but the accelerator to slightly speed up the vehicle so you can get it running straight again and back under control. Now you ease off the accelerator and safely bring the vehicle to the shoulder of the road.

    Once you get to the shoulder and safely stopped is the time to kick yourself for not having a monitoring system that would have told you of the tire problem.

    You also can now go out and look at the damage that was caused to your unit from that blowout that could have ended much more tragically.

    It's about time.

  2. I wasted money on a tire monitoring system that never worked properly. I had a blowout on one of my 5th wheel tires, and for some reason I didn't everything right and brought it safely onto the shoulder. I have found it actually more difficult to control a small car during a blowout.

    That reminds me I need to have all my tires checked before setting out for NY in April.

  3. I write on RV Review every time we stop at a new campground. We really pay attention to what people say...not so much when they comment on not having so much to do with children.
    Your braclet is lovely. I can see lots of work went into making it. Great job. ~wheresever

  4. Glad to see people writing/using Campground Reviews. I think it's the best resource out there.