Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sparky's New Kayak!

After selling two kayaks before going on the road, I thought, I'm gonna regret letting these go...I know, I know, WHY did I sell them in the first place? Because we really couldn't know when and how much we would use them. One was a super duper fast, sleek, carbonlite style "cruiser" for lakes and large bodies of water like oceans and the other was a polyurethane scratched up shortie of a kayak, used for rough rivers. We really didn't want to have them up on our tow car for long periods of time and have to worry about theft, worry about them shifting and moving on top of the car, things like that. We figured, ok, we can rent them when we find places we want to kayak. Sparky is the main kayaker in the family, having kayaked for about six years. Eldo, not so much....maybe two times out on the water? For much of last year, we were in the southwest and in the desert. I really was glad we weren't schlepping around with the kayaks on top of the car. Besides, Eldy was not experienced at kayaking and he just wasn't as gung ho about it so I sold them to hit the road full timing with a little extra money.

So-o-o-o, for the last two years, I've been renting one when the price was right, and when we were in good locations. And now, being in the Keys, and seeing that perhaps we are going to be returning to places with WATER and plenty of it in our near future.....Sparky decided to lend a little of her tax return refund to her KAYAK FUND. (I didn't know you had one, Sparky, with all the craft supplies you've been buying, I thought you were running a CRAFT FUND!) AHEM! Uh, yes, dear, I WAS saving for a rainy day craft fund but NOW, it's a KAYAK FUND and the goal has been reached! Sparky now has enough for a----drum roll, please! TADA! a Sea Eagle 385 FAST TRACK! YIPPEEEEEEEEE! WHEE-E-E-E-E-E! This little piggy (I'm glad you said that and NOT ME! says E.)  is now the proud owner of a brand new inflatable Sea Eagle 385 Fasttrack kayak! AND, the internet special this month....good till the end of February, which is fast approaching, is buy the Sea Eagle 385 and get a second boat FREE! (hull, only) Which means, Eldy can give kayaking another full hearted try...he'll have his own boat!  What a deal! Sparky could NOT pass that up! Reviews for the 385 are terrific, and many RVers own this model of inflatable kayak. They are very happy with it! Sparky's boat was purchased from Inflatable Boats for Less, a company Nick Russell of Gypsy Journal fame recommends highly, along with this particular model of Sea Eagle. Sparky tried and tried to win a boat at Nick's last Gypsy Journal rally, but it just didn't happen.
from the internet
You can get it inflated in about 8 minutes with the provided foot pump, it comes with two plush padded seats and two paddles. We're going to take one seat out and put it in Eldy's kayak, so there's no fussing with two in the same boat about how to paddle.....Sometimes solo paddling is a better experience for two people, especially when one person is a practicing control freak....(And that is NOT me! says E.) He's absolutely correct! Sparky is the control freak in the family!

The boat is due here just before we leave for the Everglades...Stay tuned and we'll show you how it works, how the inflation procedure works and what happens with it out on the water.....Hey, you can even stand up in it and use it as a paddleboard! ALL RI-I-I-GHT!


  1. Looking forward to how you like it, as I have been thinking about getting one:)

  2. My goodness! The excitement!
    Should be fun.
    How long before delivery? I think I missed that part.
    OK fine, I'll just check back every day.

  3. Enjoy your new kayak. All the posts from people who go kayaking look fun, but we're going to wait to buy our own after we've rented a couple of times. So far, the occasions to do so have been few and far between. (Then again, after reading Chuck's comment about water moccasins on Judy's blog, I just might decide to take a pass.)

  4. What a beauty. Happy paddling! ~wheresweaver

  5. Glad to hear you got the Fast Track. We both really love ours. Too bad you won't have it in the Keys, where there is some of the best paddling anywhere!

  6. Kathy and I were hoping to win the E-reader but ended up winning the Sea-Eagle kayak.

    We had planned on buying one down the road, but to date have only had it settup in our living room in our apartment since the temperature hasn't allowed for it's use.

    I'm hoping to put in to use this year, but know for certain we'll be using it in Florida next winter.

    I hope you enjoy your's as much as we plan to enjoy our's

    It's about time.

  7. Oh boy, you are in for SOME FUN now! I'm awaiting the maiden voyage.