Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Marathon Man

Where's Eldo today? NOT at Tompkins Campground near Tioga, PA, that's for sure. We were on our way there, and Eldy says, "Why don't we head to northern Michigan instead?" and I said, "Why not?" We had found out that there was a detour to get to the campground we had planned on, and after dealing with traffic and a wrong turn first thing this morning, we decided not to hassle with our choice. Don't like the weather? Head north instead of west, or south or east...we can change our minds at the drop of a hat. So-oo-oo, we've been on the road since 9:30 this morning, and we have crossed New York and are headed to Pennsylvania on I-86 (very rough highway for quite some time) near Lake Erie to spend the night. Eldy drives like a trucker, all day, with no signs of fatigue...I'm road weary, but not crazy like I'd be if I was in the car. So what have I done all day to keep myself busy? Navigated occasionally with maps, iphone, and web, checked websites for campgrounds, worked on Christmas ornaments for gifts later in the year, clipped recipes from magazines to try and improve my cooking skills, (ALL RIGHT! says Eldy), fixed Eldy and I a bite to eat from the kitchen while he was driving...(he turned on the generator so I could use the microwave) and caught up on my emails, talked on the phone to family, ordered some products from Tastefully Simple's website while driving down the road, watched the scenery for awhile, and rested. We have to stop after 8 hours of towing and reset the car (Honda CRV)...that protects the transmission and helps keep fluids up and running through the system. That means I run the car thru all the gears in a certain order and timing, set it back in neutral for 3 min. then turn it off to the accessory position. That gets it set to tow another eight hours if needed. Of course, we plan to stop around 6:30 this evening, right Eldy? (He's not answering, he's driving!) I think I'll start calling him the "Marathon Man" 'cuz he can drive for such a long time! PS. Let it be known that I did offer to drive....

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  1. Great reading... Love your blog. Heard a story today on Car Talk (NPR) about how towing a car for long distances can damage the transmission if it is a 4wd car. A tow truck driver reported that the towed car's transmission "exploded" and caught fire, almost igniting his tow truck!

    Keep blogging!