Monday, August 30, 2010

Who says RVers are boring??!!

what the heck????!!!!
You meet all kinds of people at a rally...we haven't met the gentleman who owns this rig yet, but I'm sure he's a character! After finding out that our RV was not going to get done today, (there's some serious issues with the bathroom floor), we decided to take it back as is, and head back for repairs AFTER the rally, and after Labor Day weekend.

We got into the Elkhart Campground just a few minutes before all the vendors were going to be introduced. A really nice family owns the Elkhart Campground. They've gone above and beyond ordinary service for all the people attending the rally. They've been very organized and quick about checking people in today...we managed to get 50 amp services for which we are very grateful! One air conditioner just doesn't keep the temperature very with 50 amp we can run both airs and beat the heat! It was 92 degrees today...but the humidity was down, so that helps!

At 3:00 this afternoon, all the vendors were introduced, myself included...I was nervous giving my little speech to all these adults! But Eldy says it went very well. I think I look like I'm giving a motivational speech...I am! BUY MY FOOD PRODUCTS, TASTEFULLY SIMPLE PRODUCTS ARE GREAT!  Met a GREAT bunch of people in the vendor room this morning while setting up for the show which officially starts tomorrow...everyone is friendly, witty and I have a hilarious gal at the booth next to me..she kept me in stitches all morning while I set up....I'm looking forward to meeting more people selling and buying at the show tomorrow...some of the people I met today have been RVing full time for 30 years!

We are learning so much information about this lifestyle, and starting to realize that people who do this full time are a very special "family" group....people go out of their way to help you in any way that they can....we found that out today as we set up, as we got into our site. People came over to talk to us, and it's just a wonderful feeling to "feel" this connection with others who are sharing the same lifestyle. We'll see what the day brings my almond pound cake made, some beer bread, a couple of dips, and I'm the only one selling food!  Sounds like a winning combination to me!

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