Thursday, August 5, 2010

Learning is a "power"-ful thing

We're still a little sore from yesterday's bobsled ride, so today we took it easy. We have two more days at Ausable Pines Campground. We are leaving Sunday for Catskill, New York, about 3 hours south of us on I-87 and we've chosen Brookside Campground as our destination. Eldy has a Passport America pass that gets us 50% off many campground site fees with some restrictions such as good only during Sun.-Thursdays. Here, Eldy is relaxing at our Ausable Pines campsite, on the shores of the little Ausable River.

Last night I spent a little time learning about Picasa, the free Google photo program. I signed up for a one year "Geeks on Tour" membership--they are a computer couple popular with RVers, they give seminars at rallys and online while on the road traveling, and they have lots of video tutorials-- for Picasa, blogging, the internet on the road, etc. If today's blog looks a little more polished, it's thanks to the geeks! I finally sat down and watched one video on the laptop. Eureka! Several questions just goes to show, you are never too old to learn new things!
Today's photo(s) are of our site at Ausable Campground. It's been one of the least expensive campgrounds we have stayed at, and really, for the money, $28.00 a night) it's quite a bargain considering we have wi-fi which is really speedy, cable, (great for rainy days, although I do my best to keep Eldy outside as much as possible, lol!), water, electric and sewer. We have had some difficulties with the circuit breaker at the electrical outlet tripping off three days in a row in this campground. Twice while we were gone, and once in the middle of the night and we weren't running anything more than we should be for 30 amp service, which is ONE air conditioner and normal lights useage. We have a very expensive surge protector (about 500.00--it's called Surge Guard) that we plug into the campground outlet, then our 50 amp plug plugs into it. (It is necessary for us because we are living in a home, although mobile, that uses 50 AMP service and because varying levels of voltage can be extremely damaging to your electronics in the motor home). If the voltage is too low, the surge protector shuts off current to the RV, then attempts to reset and turn back on after a short period of time. So that protects us against fluctuations in current that could damage a lot of different components in the motor home). It also protects against voltage surges which can also happen in a storm, or other situations. People have fried their wiring, computers, appliances etc. in motor homes time and time again because they trusted the campground voltage/electricity to be accurate and consistent. So we bit the bullet and bought one. (say THAT ten times real fast!) and have been VERY glad that we did. We can't always get 50 amp service, and with 30 amp, some older campgrounds seem to be having trouble maintaining a consistent 30 amp electrical service. If we use 30 amp service, then we have an adaptor that plugs into our surge protector. Are you bored yet?

OK, OK,I know you are dying to know-- did we do anything fun and/or exciting today? Yes, we did! We went on a bike ride that was 8 miles roundtrip. When the bike guide says, "easy, great for families," we knew this would work for us today. This trip took us along some country roads on fairly level ground, along Lake Champlain for a bit, and thru a state park. In came the rains again today--weather near mountains is very unpredictable! We've found that to be true very often...sunny one minute, clouds roll in, brief thundershower or rain, then back to sunny skies all within a few minutes! There was supposedly little chance of rain today, but we got hit just as we got back to the car. So glad we got our 8 miles in, and it was a lovely ride...not much traffic on this particular bike route. Tomorrow, we're thinking of going to another state park nearby, one that has nests of ospreys on the tops of telephone poles as you drive into the park with beautiful marshlands and birding habitat. (You know you are getting old when you start reading Birds and Blooms magazine, you put out bird feeders at your campsite, and the thought of seeing moose excites!) Good grief! I've turned into my mother!(which is a GREAT thing, by the way..)

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