Saturday, August 7, 2010

Ausable Point State Park, Peru, NY

This is a GORGEOUS state park less than half a mile from our campground, Ausable Pines, in Peru, N.Y., in the far northeast corner of the state. This morning we rode our bikes down to the state park, and rode around the campground and picnic areas, for a total of 4 miles for a little exercise. We could stay here in the motor home, but we would be "boon docking", a term for being under your own power the entire length of the stay because there are no electric or water or sewer hookups at any of the sites. We could easily do that. We have our own water tank and septic tank system which remains closed in a case like this, and we have a generator. We could have lights and or a fan running on battery power. This type of situation would be ideal for us with temperate days and cool nights for sleeping. We could remain self-sustained in the motor home for about two weeks, without outside electricity or water before needing to fill our water tank for showers and water supply, and running the generator occasionally to add juice to the batteries. Some parks do not allow generator useage at all, but this state park has certain hours where you could. We checked into the price--and it was about 22.00 a night, which to us was more on the expensive side for no utilities whatsoever. If you were tenting, this would be a great deal. Even Ausable Pines campground charges 22.00 a night for tents! But as you can see, the beauty of it was a sight to see...the beach for the park is on Lake Champlain, and there were quite a few sites that had direct access to a channel leading out to Lake Champlain. We would definitely consider staying here on a future visit.

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