Thursday, August 12, 2010

On the MOVE!

Yesterday we traveled to Pennsylvania, and were close to Lake Erie, in Fairview, PA. We stayed at a campground called Camp Eriez. It was very nice, mostly seasonal campers but they had pull in long sites for overnighters which is basically what we were last night. Full hookup was $25.00 a night, with a Good Sam's Club (camping discount) discount. Lake Erie was very close by but we never saw it, we had driven all day and gotten there kind of late so no exploring the area this time. We have moved so much in the last three days, I forget what state we are in! That's ok, I forget what day it is, too! It doesn't really matter when you are retired...Today we are heading towards Birch Run, Michigan, in the general direction of north and home of the outlet shopping malls (whoopee! retail therapy! I think I need some!) You know, forests, pines, ponds, mountains and lakes are great, but every now and then, it's great to see a Walmart, Starbucks, a pizza place, or other signs of civilization. Besides, Eldy hasn't done his laundry now for almost three weeks, and he needs more underwear. He says, oh, good! He'll be able to buy some more underwear at the outlet mall. I told him he shouldn't buy any because the Birch Run campground has a laundromat. We each do our own laundry as I air dry much of what I launder and we're both used to doing our own. As an aside, when I lived in Fremont, IN, I never got around to buying a dryer. I ended up using a beautiful Amish wooden drying rack. Never shrunk a single item of clothing in the last 7 years of being dryerless! So in the RV, I have some necessary racks to dry clothes on--one for outdoors that clips on the back of the RV, and one cute "umbrella" drying rack that I hang unmentionables on in the shower if it's a rainy day outside, or if campgrounds don't want to see your laundry--(sometimes they say that!) If I have a lot to do and it's a sunny day, then I use the ladder rack on the back of the RV, hide my undies in and amongst the pj's and jeans and hope that nobody is checking out my underwear!

The campground, Pine Ridge Campground, is between Birch Run and Frankenmuth, exit 136, off I-75. It's a beautiful campground, plenty of shade, and it is very relaxing. Tomorrow, we will check out Frankenmuth and the outlet malls. Weather looks to be continued HOT, HOT, HOT and muggy. We are going to spend two days here, at $34.00 a night, which is full hookup but no cable. Definitely, we'll go to the Christmas store, Bronners, and see what else is going on in town the next couple of days. If you are familiar with Frankenmuth, you'll be glad to know that the Frankenmuth Brewery, which was an upscale well known brewery, and up till now, had been closed, is now reopen for business. The menu has been greatly scaled down, and they don't serve wine during the week. Burgers, fried fish, hanger steak, salads, these are some of the items that comprise the new menu and Eldy said the prices are much more reasonable...It's a very cool place, the decor is the same as it has been for many years...huge vats, beer making room, and lots of wooden beams, chrome, etc. We enjoyed supper here after a long day of driving, well, ok, after Eldy's long day of driving, bless his heart!

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  1. it sounds like you guys have been here before. We have been there several times.Love the christmas store, we collect these special ornaments and this is one of the only places we can get the outlet mall.