Monday, August 2, 2010

How big is your adventure?

We saw this on a sign at the summit of Whiteface Mountain today. When Eldy hits a new place, he likes to go exploring. First we gather literature from the welcome centers, we pour over it, then we map out a location/destination that intrigues the two of us. Today it was Lake Placid (site of the 1980 winter Olympics and training grounds currently for athletes), Wilmington, and the surrounding area, about 45 min. from the AuSable Pines Campground where we are staying for the week. We bought an Olympic passport for each of us (29.00 each) and that gets you a gondola ride up Whiteface Mountain (over 4100 feet high), we did that--fantastic! and discounts for a bobsled ride, should you feel foolhardy enough to want to spend 70.00 for a 30 sec. ride on a real bobsled with 2G forces on you, and discount passes to Olympic Village and the ski jump site. On the ski jump site, you can go to the top of the 120 ft. tower that the Olympic ski jumpers fly off of. Back to the bobsled ride--guess who wants to do that? No, siree bob, not me! Looks like Eldy will be doing that one on his own in the next day or so. We did the gondola ride up the mountain today, we went into Lake Placid for lunch, then on the way back, we stopped off at High Falls Gorge, 700 feet high! (10.00 each to see that). A thunderstorm moved in just as we finished walking the gorge and falls area, so back home we came. The photos today are of the summit at Whiteface Mountain and the High Falls gorge. The gorge photo is a little video. Hope you can view it! The two little boys were so cute sitting there looking out over one of the most dangerous ski slopes in the winter, you wouldn't believe the drop off at the edge, you couldn't see the ground on the ledge take-off, it was so steep! We met the Canadian parents of the two little boys as I asked permission to take their photo. The dad and Eldy talked baseball, while the mother and I exchanged campground information--typical, eh? I thought the two little boys captured the essence of the mountain--two little guys, one humongus mountain...pefect! click on the photo of the little boys to get the larger impact. It's supposed to rain every day for the next three days, so we'll see what Eldo comes up with! This might be the first time we kick back and do laundry, compute, scrapbook for me, and see what else comes up. We've been very lucky with the weather, hardly any rain wherever we've been..tomorrow Eldy takes the car in for service in the morning...when you tow, you have to get the transmission fluid changed out every 30,000 miles, and we've hit the mark on the CRV...bye for now...

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