Monday, August 23, 2010

A great partnership

covered bridge on the Kal-Haven Trail
We really complement each other well....Eldy is the master trip planner--figuring out about how many miles a day to travel, where we might head next, investigating campgrounds, etc. and I am the "activity director"...being bound and determined not to let us get sedentary and fat, and because I really enjoy eating out, I work hard at getting exercise for us both, well, some of the time. Right now, the battle of the bulge is even, I can't speak for Eldy, but I'm burning lots of calories and I'm eating lots...So last night, I turned to Eldy and said, "Honey, I have an idea..." and he knows that means that 1) this is going to involve exercise, and 2) it's going to involve sweat...I continued quickly, as I was on a roll, "Why don't we bike to town for breakfast in the morning?" You should have seen the look on his face, you could see the wheels turning-- for a brief was, "You gotta be kidding! Ok, let's see, I have to bike 6 miles in order to get breakfast, then bike 6 miles back..." So I quickly added, "Of course, you could drive the car in, I'll bike, and you meet me there..." Now Eldy is an old fashioned guy, he's not going to let some 60 year old upstart like me show him up! So, he says with resignation, "No, I'll bike in with you" I sweetened the deal and told him I'll buy breakfast..We biked 6 miles into town, we ate at a great place called the Phoenix Street of our favorites...then we walked around for a bit to see the town.

a tall ship
There was a tall ship in the harbor getting ready to sail to Chicago (that's like a schooner or sloop, matey!)...I guess you can take an hour and a half cruise during the day on this working sloop called the Friends Goodwill for $30.00, or a sunset cruise for $40.00. But today, this ship was headed for a tall ship regatta in Chicago and won't be back for a month. We found out that there had been three tall ships in the harbor this weekend, and we had just missed them.The Friends Goodwill ship is a replica of a battleship that saw action in a naval war  (the War of 1812), and the  Battle of Lake Erie. This sloop is owned by South Haven's Maritime Museum, so it's around usually ..these tall ships are so cool to see up close! The older we get, the more we appreciate the work and sweat involved in old time machinery, ships, and historical things. It's like we are more capable of identifying and making an emotional connection as to what must have been involved to keep these things going, the perils involved with people's everyday lives, and how hard they worked for their living in a different kind of way than we do today....we watched the Friends Goodwill sail away, then headed back on the bike trail for our home. We will be leaving for the Elkhart Campground Wed. morning. Our RV is going in for a few minor repairs on Friday, so we'll stay at the Total Value RV lot right next to the campground until then. The Gypsy Journal Rally starts next's our first one!

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