Saturday, August 21, 2010

Saturday Night Fever

Wouldn't that be a great song to play for today's blog? One of my favorite soundtracks from the movie of the same name....boy, that movie is getting to be OLD, but it's still a goodie if you like dance music and I sure do! Well, we danced our sox off last  night...great band by the name of Power Play...they played covers for many great songs of the 60's, 70's and into current music by the end of the evening. It was a  really old crowd at first, so there wasn't a lot of dancing going on...but we helped get things going..Eldy doesn't mind being one of the first ones out on the floor...we left about midnight after burning LOTS of calories...
Little River Casino RV site
This morning we ate breakfast at the casino...if you have a player card, you can get the buffet for half price for 4.00 a person, for people 55 and over on Monday thru Thursday, a terrific deal! Today, regular price...While we were sitting there, as Eldy unwrapped his napkin, something weird happened. The knife was sticking to the fork at the base of the handle. He moved the knife, the fork moved with it. We thought there was some sticky residue on the knife, but there wasn't. He was almost able to lift the fork up off the table using the knife. I took the knife and did the same thing with my fork and spoon. Somehow, the handle of the knife had become magnetized. Weird!  (It doesn't take much to entertain retirees!)

Eldy doing his research
Today is going to be a quiet day....I'll probably go use the fitness center early this afternoon, and Eldy is going to go sit in the hot tub...I think he's a little sore from keeping me up dancing last night..but we loved it and I got my mojo back!.. We might even go back to hear the same band this evening. We really enjoy live music, a band and/or dancing. As you get older, you have to keep moving, you know the old saying, "move it or lose it"..tomorrow we head for South Haven, will be about a two hour drive from Manistee...South Haven is a fantastic harbor town, vibrant, and the struggling economy doesn't seem to have hit it as hard as other harbor towns. Lots of interesting, funky stores...There's a great bike trail there, on an old rail bed that's quite's called the Kal-Haven Trail. It's about a 6 mile ride to the town of South Haven on a beautiful heavily shaded, wooded trail.  We'll definitely be getting the bikes out to ride! See you tomorrow!

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