Sunday, August 8, 2010

Read between the lines....

Eldy and I are trying to figure out what the allure was of this Brookside Campground was, when we looked at it. On line descriptions looked pretty good--"quiet, peaceful, full hookup, babbling brook to the east for trout fishing, modern shower facilities--laundromat..close to hiking and biking in the mountains", the pool photo shot looked like an Olympic sized pool....and so on.. After traveling south on I-87 in New York and getting traffic bound because of a car fire (we moved one mile in an hour and a half) today, it took us almost twice as long to get here as it should have. We pulled into the campground about three this afternoon. Eldy got to use his Passport America card which got us 50% off week day it was 85.00 for three nights, not bad, (that was part of the allure)...we see immediately that the campground office/store looks like it had been hit by a tornado, as in kid tornado. Stock was thrown on the floor, bundles of clothing, literature just dumped everywhere, things falling off hooks, what a mess! Our site is ok, but there are no trees anywhere. We missed that in the description-"RV sites are clear so there are no pine trees to have to clear debris from your campsite." Someone had tried to plant some new trees for shade, then neglected to water them. There are four dead trees along the road lining the RV campsites. There is no AT &T service at the campground, but pull out of the campground and go about a mile in either direction, and there's 3G service with full bars. Our Verizon air card works well here, so we will still be able to communicate with family and friends....whew! After getting set up in record time, with the heat bearing down on us, (it's 90+ degrees today here,) we went out to eat in the town of Catskill, about 10 miles from our campsite. Using Yelp on our iphones, we found a local restaurant called Tatiana's (many Italian dishes but they also offered American cuisine as well)...we both had excellent meals....back home to the RV to cool off and read about the local attractions. We're VERY happy to have 50 amp service, even if the campground leaves a little bit to be desired..this means we can run both air conditioners in the coach to stay cool! Yay!

The other photo today, is of Eldy after his first haircut on the road...given by me...we had a good laugh...he has a barber haircutting kit with lots of plastic heads to choose from. I have only used the kit once on Eldy, about a year ago, and we hadn't used it since as he was getting haircuts at the barber. It was time to get a haircut for him, so out we bring the barber kit. I took one look at all the "sleds" (I didn't remember all of them being in there the last time) and said,"Uh, which one do I use first?" Eldy got a little nervous when I said that, but you know...he doesn't have a whole lot to lose, if you look at his hair, so I dove right in and starting barbering. I think it turned out pretty well! (He can't see the back, so that's a good thing, he has a funny hairline back there, and I didn't do it! just kidding, sweetie)

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  1. Hair cut looks really good. Jeannie you did a good job.