Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday at Thunder Bay RV Resort

It's a hot day today....we're going to take it easy and stay are some of the local attractions mentioned in the literature that are in this area of Hillman, MI: besides three golf courses nearby, within a 30 min. drive, there is Lumberman's Monument, Brush Creek Mill, a Charity Island Lighthouse dinner cruise, Eagle's Nest overlook, Tyttle Marsh Wildlife, Lighthouse Festival Museum, the Great Lakes Maritime Heritage Center (30 miles away in Alpena) two wineries, a canoe and kayak livery (I'm going to have to check that out, I LOVE kayaking). Alpena, MI is 30 min. from here..There's a wildlife sanctuary in Alpena that has a 3/4 miles barked trail that would be nice to explore and take photos in, I'll bet..There is also a canoe and kayak blue Heron Water Trail along the Sanctuary in Alpena, so Alpena just might go on our to do list in the next day or so...
We're b-a-a-a-c-k! We went on a bike exploration tour today....there are some nice trails over the river and through the woods, to grandmother's--whoops! I mean through the woods to a beautiful cabin/lodge where the gourmet dinners are held...gee, sounds like a new song version. We decided to do the dinner/elk carriage ride on Wednesday evening after seeing the pretty lodge nestled in the woods. I'll bet the sleigh ride they offer in the winter time is beautiful!

The Thunder Bay resort area has lodgings available for people who do not wish to to the camping RV thing...They also have beautiful residential lots and homes available near and on a gorgeous golf course. There's a driving range and practice putting greens as well. For RVers, they honor Passport America, which is a fantastic deal, netting you 50% off the camping rate for at least a couple of days during the week, and a Good Sam's discount. This resort is truly a beautiful development. There are many other amenities such as murder mystery weekends, scrapbooking and quilting retreat weekends, and lots more. Sounds like a great getaway weekend to me! The RV park itself is quiet and peaceful, with well spaced sites. They provide a wrought iron patio table and 4 chairs for your dining pleasure! We've met some really nice people here and have been made to feel very welcome...

The weather is going to be cooler tomorrow, it's probably going to be a golf day...I think I've forgotten how to swing! "FORE!" (How come they don't say, "DUCK!"?????)

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