Thursday, August 26, 2010

What's there to do in Elkhart, IN anyway?

There's not just corn in Indiana...we could be here all day telling you neat stuff to go see in Elkhart and the surrounding area, but for the moment, we're going to tell you what retirees do while they are waiting for the rally to start in four days...Right next door is the Elkhart campground, and there is a huge tent that went up yesterday. Now when you are retired, the littlest things interest you. At least, that's what we have found being newly retired. That's because you have all the time in the world to watch the world go by, and now you have an interest in everything that's going on around you. Before, you didn't have time or didn't notice.  A bunch of people watched this tent go up, and took photos of the process. Actually, it's kind of cool...the stakes go 3 1/2 feet down into the ground in hopes that the tent doesn't blow away in any kind of wind..which is a distinct possibility, considering the last time we were here, we outran a tornado in our car to get back to our motorhome when we had some work done at the RV place in June....

My brother asked me what a rally case you are just viewing the blog for the first time, it's a gathering of RVers to attend seminars to learn all about RVs, it's an RV community of vagabonds, of travelers, of friends, so there is a social component to it as well. And, there are always vendors selling products--after market add ons for RVs, cleaning supplies, food (that's where I come in, I'll be a vendor this week for the first time), air pressure gauges, kitchen supplies and or cookware, and in this one, there's going to be an RV driving school...Eldy says maybe I need to take that one? Not that I'm a bad driver, I just lack confidence. Some rallies have manufacturers there that sell towing systems, brake systems, etc. He and I will have to try and take turns at manning my booth so I can attend at least one seminar....I'll do my best to shut off the teacher mode while I listen! There are over a hundred rigs or more, we think, that will be at the rally. It should be fun!

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