Sunday, August 29, 2010

Whirlwind preparations

The RV looks like a tornado hit it...boxes of Tastefullly Simple foods and samples everywhere....carted a bunch of stuff over to the building where the vendors are selling their wares...I think it's supposed to be air conditioned, but with the heat bearing down on the building today, it felt like more than 80 degrees in there...I'm the "little guy" (small table) amongst the regular vendors that have been doing this for some time...the great thing about selling at this rally, is, I'm the only food vendor! Everybody has to eat something, and I'll bet they will be by at one time or another to taste some of my beer bread, almond pound cake and crab dip this week....tomorrow the vendors are being introduced at 3:00, and I have to give a little speech about my products to a group of adults...I don't have any problems talking to kids, but when it's your peers, it's a little different! There are over 170 units here for the rally, and there are also people here from another rally that is being scheduled in two weeks in Goshen, the Escapees....they are here to begin preparations in Goshen for the rally. We met Nick Russell today of Gypsy Journal and Nick's blog...he came over to introduce himself to the RV repair side where we have been sitting since this past Wed.  It was great to meet him after reading his blog for quite some time...

Almost full Elkhart Campground
In the morning, we will be back in the RV shop at Total Vaue...finishing up work...our bedroom air conditioner is not working properly, that's something new (oh, no! not in this heat!), and we're getting an oil change. We're glad we're not in a diesel pusher--it takes over 20 quarts to change the oil in a diesel pusher...pretty expensive, but then again, you don't have to change the oil but about every about 15,000 miles. We have been very lucky with our coach, with not having to fix too many "bugs"...more about that tomorrow...The photo today is of some of the many coaches that have piled in to the Elkhart Campground next door where we move to tomorrow.  They are of all different makes and models, of all price ranges...there is a Prevost here...that's an RV that's over a half a million dollars...for my friends and family who follow our blog, check out an RV show sometime just for fun and see what the interiors of these expensive coaches looks like! They are amazing how they are decorated on the inside--they look like what I imagine a movie star's house to look like--lots of chrome, rope lights in the floor, chandeliers...but that's not our style! We will be joining the rally tomorrow in the afternoon. It will be nice to mingle, meet the other vendors and figure out what seminars Eldy will be attending in the next three days....

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