Sunday, August 1, 2010

Oh, Eldo, where are you today?

On the ferry to New York! We said goodbye to some new friends we met at the last moment in the Lake Champlain campground. We met them last night, our last night there. We got to see the inside of their diesel motor home, a Fleetwood Excursion, a 40 footer with a full roadside slide, which made us realize how small ours was, once we got back inside ours! That got us dreamin'... Those RVs with full slides are amazing in how roomy they are! Then we watched the most beautiful sunset set over our campground before we retired for the evening. This morning we decided to take the shortest ferry from Vermont to New York, so we wouldn't have to drive quite a ways (50-60 miles?) before finding a bridge to cross in the motor home. There are several points you can cross Lake Champlain from Vermont to New York. The ferry we took from Grand Isle runs 24 hours a day, and for the motor home it was $25.50 and $9.00 for me in my car. The ferry takes semis, 5th wheel campers, cars, walkers, anybody who wants to get to the other side of Lake Champlain in a jiffy! The ride took about 12 min. and now we are in New York. Tada! We need to get one of those USA maps where you paint in each state you visit. We're starting to cover a lot of states! We found a great campground called AuSable Pines in Peru, New York (where?--very near to Plattsburg, NY on the northeast side of the state) for $28.00 a night, a budget friendly price. We have full hookup (30 amp service which will run one air conditioner and multiple appliances), water, cable TV, free wi-fi, electric and sewer hookup. That is an EXCELLENT deal...we are happy that our phones work at our site, and internet connection is fairly zippy. We are close to Lake Placid, Saranac Lake, and a host of activities, hiking and all kinds of things, so we are going to stay a week. There are several campgrounds in the area, but this one was the most reasonably priced. Some of the campgrounds are really aging, but that's ok...we want to keep our price down for what we pay nightly or weekly, and that will enable us to do some great activities! I took the opportunity to go out grocery shopping on my own today, big mistake! GPS on my phone does not work here! I quickly got lost and went in circles, but managed to find a grocery AND my way back within a reasonable amount of time. Yay! If you were to know my family, we have something called the Baughman curse. We usually get lost when we travel. Myself, I can't find my way out of a paper bag, and I definitely have some kind of spatial problem or learning disability in finding my way around. Next time, I'll have Eldy go with me and we can get lost together! Makes you wonder what people used to do a long time ago when they'd get lost when there were no GPS systems and smart phones! (I did stop and ask directions twice, dear!) And yes, I'm old enough to remember pouring over paper maps and doing it the old fashioned way! See you tomorrow....

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