Saturday, August 28, 2010

Amish Country

Lolly's Fabric store
making delicious pretzels
We went to Middlebury, IN today to see Eldy's grandkids play soccer...great fun, it was a beautiful day, the heat hasn't hit yet. It's coming Sunday and Monday, going to be in the 90's...Middlebury is Amish country and you definitely share the road with a variety of closed and open horse drawn buggies when you are driving around...we went to Shipshewanna after the games to get some things. Shipshewanna is another Amish town with lots of culture to see and experience...there is a bi-weekly flea market/auction where great antiques are sold and bargains to be had, there are great cheese and meat places in Shipshewanna--Yoder's for one...there's a beautiful quilt/fabric store called Lolly's inside a beautiful building called the Davis Mercantile..where if you are a serious sewer, you definitely want to make that a stop on your journey through Elkhart county, should you decide to travel this way....and many many more shops selling all kinds of knick-knacks, garden decorations, scrapbooking supplies, toys, Amish furniture, and so many more different types of stores, it's impossible to mention them all. Your last stop should be at Jo-Jo's Pretzels...sweet, fresh, homemade pretzels made in front of you, topped with your choice of a variety of toppings...I bought a half dozen to take home and freeze. They are so good, the line waiting to get one snaked through the whole pretzel place today.

Tomorrow, I'm making preparations for the rally. I have to figure out how I'm going to bake my beer bread and almond pound cake on a 90 degree day without cooking us both in the process! I do have a toaster oven that I might take outside and plug in out there and that should work. Monday we take the RV in for more repairs..our toilet is still leaking, the tile floor is starting to separate from the wood flooring around the toilet, so we suspect there is more water damage than meets the eye. We've had our roof recaulked so far, and our water tank hoses reworked so we don't siphon half a tank of water out the overflow tube when we go around corners...when you "boondock" (RV speak for not having an hookups at all and relying on your RV's internal systems to run everything), you don't want to be losing half a tank of water before you even get where you are going! Where would you boondock you ask? Why, the Walmart parking lot, or Cracker Barrel in the back of the restaurant, or at a truck stop, or a beautiful primitive place where there are no hookups available....

If the blog looks a little different today or like the writer has "slipped" a little in the presentation, it's because I am now using a mac and learning all over again how to place photos, clips, etc.!  I couldn't get that pretzel photo moved where I wanted it to be for anything! Then when I looked at the finished blog, the photos are not in the same place I put them! Oh, well, hope you will bear with me and thanks for your patience while I learn!

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