Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mambo #5?

Sarasota, FL      High:  80    Low:   61

Naw, it's not the mambo, but it could be that if it moves you.

Yes, it's ANOTHER drum circle...

We won't bore you with a lot of information since we've talked about previous visits to Siesta Key Beach on Sundays, so we'll just share our enjoyment with some more photos...Needless to say, we went back to see it again...Just because it's such a cool thing from week to week....Sort of a glimpse into another culture if you will. The rituals are so interesting! The beat is so primal! Flower power was in evidence this week...

And it's FUN!

And because everybody always has a great time!

And Sparky loves a good BEAT! It makes her want to dance! And you see something NEW every week...Like this guy with a didgeridoo...
His little babe had her (?) own drum...

And where else can you see something the whole family can participate in, from babies to toddlers to adults?

And Sparky and Eldo love people watching... This lady was really enjoying herself, she had shakers of some sort and her hubby had a nice drum.

And if you don't have a drum, you can beat the rhythm with your SANDALS!

And the changing costumes the ladies wear from week to week are so pretty!

And where else can you see a show like this that's FREE?

And our favorite hoop dancer, Audrey Scherer was there with an outstanding display of dancing while hooping....She's something else!  You go, girl!
Audrey can stand on one foot with her knee against the standing leg and keep that hoop going.

And why not be on the #1 beach in 2011, Siesta Key Beach, for a beautiful sunset?

The only drawback? Every once in awhile, tourists and visitors don't respect the circle drawn for the non-participants to stay on the OUTSIDE while the performers do their thing on the inside. First, people want to take photos by walking inside the circle. Others start to come in, people think they want to dance and try to get their friends to come inside the circle and dance with them. Then they end up standing around and talking. More and more people come inside the circle and soon the regular performers are crowded out. Last night several of the regular performers quit what they were doing and left. There was no room for them to move. The performers have tried to draw a circle letting watchers know they should stay on the outside, but the line soon gets obliterated.

Sparky has a suggestion....Paper bag luminaries! A visual cue, keeping with the unique atmosphere, that reminds people of where they need to stay. Cheap paper bags, cheap votive candles, Sparky would even make a donation of supplies to get things started. It's such a disappointment when the crowd presses in, and leaves no room for anybody to perform or even see what's going on. And she hates to say it, but get a microphone and make an announcement at the beginning. 1) No photographers on the inside of the circle, 2) If you are not dancing or performing something to the beat, to the outside you go!

What a great group of participants-dancers and drummers who show up every single week on Sundays to provide a wonderful show for the tourists in town and the locals. It's so wonderful that ordinary people can be drawn into and welcomed into a community of rhythm and expression. It's a great community of interesting people who do this for free every single week for everyone's enjoyment and their own. We appreciate getting to see this and being a part of it every week. As long as we are here, we'll be back. Thanks, guys for yet another great drumming circle!

And that's it for today...a shortie blog...We are still battling colds....Sparky is almost down for the count every day around five, nights are the worst...coughing, congestion, sinus pain. Eldy is not so bad, but he's got the cough, too..We hit Walmart yesterday for a BUNCH of cough and cold products, stuff for Eldy, stuff for Sparky. We're armed to the teeth for those darn cold germs. If you run into Sparky in Sarasota, don't be surprised if she's a little buzzed from all the medication she's trying in order to whip this sinus infection into submission!!!!! You need any stuff? We got it!

Sparky would love to know what cold remedy works for you? She even went and got chicken soup from the local Chinese restaurant tonight to help battle her cold. Thanks for any and all suggestions!


  1. Al swears by oil of oregano. I like echinacea...and chicken soup.

  2. We just did cough drops, plenty of water and a few advil, and after about three weeks almost good as new.

    1. three weeks, well, we're only on week one, so guess we will have to be patient with ourselves. :-) Patience is NOT one of my virtues!

  3. I saw Elaine did honey & cinnamon and she swears she's cured :)