Tuesday, January 8, 2013

And the Beat Goes On, Still Movin' Strong

Sarasota, FL      High:  73   Low:  59

It's our third time to visit the Siesta Key Beach drum circle, and it never gets old for us.....The cast is similar but never quite the same....This  red bandana drummer has been here every time...
We haven't seen this dapper drummer with the fedora before today....
This fellow has been here every time..He appeared to be quite unaware of his surroundings, totally enveloped in his music. Sparky wasn't even standing close, using a long zoom, but did she catch the look!
He's been here, too...One of the belly dancers was dancing very flirtatiously in front of him, he appeared to be enjoying it very much! Maybe he knows her?
The drummers are so awesome...they drum for LONG periods of time...the rhythms just make you want to move and sway.....
There were beautiful ladies there, different ones than before...This blonde was having fun!
This gal could really shake her bootie and the rest of her as well!
And the fellow who usually starts things off was there....Boy, is he in good shape!
He really adds a lot of energy to the drum circle....
Lots of cute kids with their own little hula hoops and costumes were there.....
And of course, the people watching is superb if you get tired of watching the drummers...Sparky never tires of the primal beat but sometimes it's great to look around and see what an eclectic bunch of people are in attendance each time we go......
The jester came later...He's the retired teacher and his costume really fits his outgoing personality...

If you are going to come to the drum circle, you need to get there an hour before sunset in order to find a place around the circle. This time the participants had drawn a ring to keep the onlookers from crowding into the performance area. That was really helpful! And after sunset, the lighted hula hoops come out with the dancers and some participants have some type of lighted swing around thingys. Two fellows had them this evening and it was really cool to see the intricate movements with the lighted rope ends, as they twirled and twirled them into all kinds of patterns around their heads and shoulders. They were swinging them in time to the rhythm of the music. Awesome!

We had a ball at the drum circle today!

Come and join us next time...Every Sunday an hour before sunset, if the weather is decent, Sparky and Eldo will be there while we are here in Sarasota.

The beat goes on at Siesta Key Beach......Check it out!


  1. Thanks for taking us along, wish we were there.

  2. Still think that is the coolest thing!

  3. Thanks for another sneak peek of what goes on at the drum circle on Siesta Key. We plan to make it there next Sunday!