Friday, April 13, 2012

Sleepless in Sarasota

Nothing exciting going on at Sun 'n' Fun today....Boy, has the place cleared out just like every other Florida park, and it's quite quiet! We like that....plenty of room at the pool and not so many kids to watch out for on scooters dashing around all over the place.  The last major dinner at the Boondocks restaurant is tonight, called the Las Vegas Revue.  There is poolside music from 7-10 PM, so we'll probably go check that out. They have a canine body language class for dog owners--"What is Your Dog Saying?"  This park definitely has some interesting things going on. Looked like a LOT of people signed up for that as there are a LOT of pet owners in the park. They have at least two dog parks in the park, so this is a pet friendly place, that's for sure!

We've been having trouble with our chairs lately....Eldy's rocker, is on its last legs...GASP! He absolutely LOVES his rocker, but the sun has deteriorated the fabric so much that it's coming apart. Sparky did a hand sewn repair job once, but maybe it's time to get another one.
Repair lasted for awhile

Our mesh chairs, the zero gravity mesh chairs that are so great to recline and take a nap in, are coming apart at multiple grommets and the fabric is separating and stretching beyond repair. Sparky has already re-threaded the elastic through one of the chairs, and replaced the fabric but it's time to replace at least one of them. And we are NOT anywhere NEAR the weight cut off of 300 pounds, and no, we are not cuddling on the chair together, haha.

Off to Camping World! Not only are we having chair problems, but we're having BACK problems, Sparky, mostly. Back in October, we bought a foam mattress. It was supposed to be  ofexcellent quality, not on the cost factor of a Memory Foam mattress, but dense enough to be of good support. HA! Here we are six months later, and the foam is permanently indented with our shapes and it's not recovering. Sparky's back is painfully reacting daily to having slept poorly supported on the mattress so we're going to try and replace it with a sleep number bed. According to the mattress people we purchased the foam mattress from, it is guaranteed for a certain number of years, but the dents have to be ridiculous in depth, and we can't wait till we get back to Indiana (another six months) to complain and fuss and probably no avail. You can't tell the dents are there by looking at it, but you certainly can when you lay on it! So we are investigating the Sleep Number Bed at Camping World today as well. We had one in the old coach and it was WAY better than this darn foam mattress! They will get rid of the old mattress for us, but can't donate it to a good cause because of health rules and regulations. Somebody probably wouldn't have minded a foam mattress less than seven months old for a spare bed, but that's the rules. At least we don't have to cut it up ourselves which is what the Sleep Number Bed Store in Sarasota said we should do with it! They told us that the Sleep Number Bed Stores do not keep ANY beds in stock. You have to order it through the store and pick it up yourself.  That surprised us. It seems that the local store/company did not have any interest in providing customer service. So we decided to go with Camping World and an RV Sleep Number Bed, which only has one model of bed but multiple sizes to choose from, specifically for RV's.

A short time later and a visit to the HUGE Lazy Days/Camping World facility in Tampa, and we are on the way to replacing the mattress with a Sleep Number's on SALE, the installation is on SALE, so it's a done deal. WE'LL TAKE IT!..Back we go Tuesday for the install...Sure hope this helps Sparky's back!

After looking at lots of different reclining chairs, it appears that the really nice fabric on the chairs that Camping World offers is probably going to see some hard wear being pulled in and out of the bays. They don't have the open mesh style any more, at least not on the floor. The cloth fabric seems like it could easily snag, and Sparky just decided she isn't using her recliner zero gravity chair much for naps or kicking back. She LIKES this black Coleman chair a LOT and it's extremely comfortable to sit in. SOLD!  And this time, we decided to purchase the warranty package for a few extra dollars in case we have problems with fabric or frame. Out of three chairs we have purchased in the last three years, all three have had problems within the first two years...Design is mainly the problem, and sun and weather/rain damage has caused the rest. Might as well get Eldo a new rocker. Maybe we'll spray it with fabric protectant coating and that will help it last longer. We're good to go now!


  1. We recently purchased two of those big brown wrap around chairs at Camping World along with the extra two year insurance for each chair for $5 each. We kept the receipt and will return the chairs for new ones before the two years is up. We are tired of having to buy new chairs every year. These chairs are a bit cumbersome to pack up but very comfortable to sit in. I think they were less than $50 each.

  2. That chair looks so low to the ground that I think I might have trouble getting out of it. :) Maybe it's just an optical illusion?

  3. A body language class for dog are right, they have everything there! Enjoy your weekend. ~wheresweaver

  4. Glad to hear about the new bed. How about the snoring can you get something SOLD for that too??? :-)

  5. Hopefully your new bed will help your back. We bought a "bedinabox" memory foam mattress about a year and a half ago. No indentations and VERY comfy! It has a special type of memory foam with a regular foam support underneath. It's no fun sleeping on a bad mattress...

    Glad your CG is emptying out. Ours is starting to fill up with summer people.

  6. I'm not surprised the beds are not in stock at the store ... the ones we've seen have been very small with little to no storage space.

  7. I have serious back problems, my spine is broken in 6 places and can never heal. We bought the cheapest sleep number bed they had a couple of years ago and it was right at 1000. You might want to check out Verlo Mattresses. They will make you an air bed right at their store for about the same price. There is another company that makes air beds and these are the ones sold by or built by Verlo, but I can't recall the name.

    I am originally from Lebanon, IN, but I now live in St. Charles, MO.
    Be careful on the road.