Friday, April 13, 2012

Change is NOT Always Good!

(Warning: Sparky is ranting and raving today, well, sort of. You might want to skip reading today's blog, or feel free to join the rant and rave! says E.)

Ever find a product that you absolutely love, and then, it either does a SLO-O-W-L-Y disappearing act from the stores, or POOF! It's GONE! I hate it when that happens! We could start from Sparky's childhood....(Spare us, PLEASE, Sparky! pleads E.) Well, ok, just a couple little things....My mom used to buy Betty Crocker Noodles Romanoff..that was one of our absolutely FAVORITE side dishes when growing up in the sixties and seventies. It had a wonderful strong distinctive different kind of cheese flavor to it. I think that product disappeared when I was a young mother...LOVED that stuff. It's probably a good thing it disappeared, or I'd be eating whole boxes of it myself! Found a few recipes online that claim to recreate the taste. I'm gonna have to try them!

One of my favorite desserts as a kid growing up was pink JUNKET...a rennet custard dessert, raspberry flavored. Poof! Gone....Of course, LOTS of things that you had as a kid are gone. I think Junket is still sold in grocery stores, but not the raspberry flavor, just vanilla. And I think just the tablets are sold for making the custard now. My brothers contributed Hydrox cookies (better than Oreo's, they say), my daughter said S'mores Crunch Cereal.....there is website after website lists of discontinued products people want back---fascinating! Does the Polaroid camera make your list? How about Shark Bites? And the quest is on.....

Had a favorite lotion...Jergens Skin Smoothing Moisturizer...with beta and alpha hydroxy...used it for YEARS....stocked up on it when I realized it was disappearing from the shelves and being reformulated. (Sparky is convinced that this stuff is what is helping her look younger than 62, explains E.) Well, I can wish, can't I? Now I find out that it has two different kinds of parabens in it, which have been found in breast cancer tumors. It's also in sunscreen lotions and recommendations are starting to come out against using products that contain this stuff. Great! I only have about three bottles left of the stuff! While we are on the subject, Shop Smart Magazine, put out by Consumer Reports, has warned about using sunscreen lotions with palmitate as an ingredient....apparently, THAT ingredient is linked to skin cancer! Go figure...I've seen that warning in more than one place lately....

Found a terrific pair of Columbia women's shorts that were flattering and fit PERFECTLY! (And they looked GO-O--D! affirms E.) They are closing out that particular model of shorts. Looked all over online and in our travels and they are POOF! Gone!

And should I even mention BLOGGER? I HATE the new's harder to find your way around all that white space along with lots of other complaints...what was the matter with the old one, anyway? And why can't you keep the old format if it works better for you? Why not let the people decide which one they like better and let them use it?

OK, Sparky is done with her rant and raves about faves....What are some of your favorite products that you can't find any more? It can be old stuff or relatively recent products, we would just love to find out what everybody misses....Gone but not forgotten?......


  1. A childhood candy now long gone was Broadway Rolls... they were four ribbons of a strawberry licorice. Yummmmm wrapped in clear cellophane with yellow lettering.

    I am getting used to the dashboard..but what I hate in their changes was the emails they send to you when a comment comes in. There used to be links in the email to let you select PUBLISH... and it would. Now it don't. You have to go to another window of the dashboard and from there check a box to let a comment be published. ARGGHHH on my Galaxy Tablet or I suspect also on Iphones, it makes you open a browser window to approve a comment, difficult when you are in email mode.

    Karen and Steve
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  2. I remember Noodles Romanoff! Haven't thought of it in years! It was good though.

    I have gotten used to the new format, but wish they hadn't changed from the old.

  3. I miss Postum. I used to drink it often, then suddenly it was gone. I have not found the same taste in other coffee-like substitutes (I can't drink even decaf coffee because there is too much caffeine in it.)

  4. I Googled Junket and found this link to Raspberry Custard only $1.75 per box.

    The good news is you only have to order $35 worth to get free shipping;o))

  5. I guess I'd better check our sunscreen. Actually I was just thinking yesterday (while out in the sun) of getting some sun protection clothing.

    There are things that I loved and can no longer find. Coty lipstick. Good Kitty litter from Walmart...and probably others that I can't remember at the moment.

  6. I feel your pain but hey, try moving half way across the world and trying to figure out what you like. Heinz ketchup is just about the only product I've found that is actually THE SAME as back home. Others? Sometimes close really is only good in horseshoes.

  7. Alrighty! I could really get into this rant. To just name a few: Ladies' Alspice cologne; pretzel rods in a little box, and those rolls of candy malt discs....

  8. Don't think I have any favorite food items, but I have some trekking pants that have a light fleece lining that makes them perfect for high-altitude, cool weather hikes. They're gone; not being made anymore. GRRR!