Monday, April 9, 2012

Fun in the Sun at Sun 'n' Fun

Eldy's son, Brian and his family came over to the RV park today. It was a beautiful day again today, hot--about eighty-five degrees, the perfect day to be at a pool. There was steel drum music at poolside, which was fun to see. Nothing too spectacular, just one guy, but he did a great job and it made you feel like you were in the Caribbean. We decided to hang out at the pool...

The kids had a ball....Trevor convinced Papa and Jeannie to buy two pool "noodles" and because he went and got them and brought back the correct change, he got an ice cream bar in the process...That boy really knows how to work Papa AND Jeannie....The kids played with the noodles after Papa and Jeannie got tired of trying to stay afloat with them...(Hmmnm, does that mean we weigh too much? we wonder.) Naw, they were just too skinny a noodle.
The kids made up a game where the object was to dislodge the kid who was sitting on the noodle, which happened to be Trevor. Papa is SERIOUS about shaking him off!

Everybody got in the pool today...Even Sparky, although she was pretty busy taking photos of the family. Eldy's granddaughter, Cate....
Cate in Papa's "Panama Jack hat
Trevor, who spent hours in the pool, here he is with the killer eyelashes... :-)
Papa and Cate....
Eldy, Cate, son Brian, and grandson, Trevor..Brian's wife Lori was taking a nap!
Here she is with Brian....
A wonderful day with Eldy's son and family....They just have a couple more days of spring break, then they have to leave...We are going to stay one more week at Sun 'n' Fun...Sparky wants to use more of the fine fitness facilities before heading out for who knows where!  Until later....


  1. You two are sure have a great time with the family. Noodles...great idea. Enjoy your week. ~wheresweaver

  2. There are two sizes of noodles. For an adult to float around on one like all the people were doing at the pool, you really need the "monster" noodle sized one, it's thicker. They make great "floaters" for adults!

  3. That looks to be a delightful day of family fun and sun!

    Karen and Steve
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