Sunday, April 8, 2012

No Tail Dale

We met up with Brian's family today at Siesta Key Beach, the NUMBER ONE beach in 2010, which is just a short walk from their little rental house. The beach was across the street...It was CROWDED!  A beautiful beach with white, white fine sand. Lots of people have come to see this special award winning beach and it's spring break for a lot of families and students.
Eldy's grandkids
The kids had a great time in the ocean!

And some adults we didn't know, did too!

We bought a different sun shade today and we like it a LOT better. It's called the Sportbrella. We purchased it at Dick's for about 69.00 and it's a whole lot easier to put up. It's a good quality umbrella with side windows for air and breezes just like the old blue cabana. No spring elastic corded poles to poke through balky channels of fabric, just pop it open like a regular umbrella and voila! Plenty of sturdy stakes and guide stays to keep it down in breezier conditions. It seems very well made and very sturdy. Here's Trevor and "Papa", Trevor usually hams it up for the camera as you can see....
There was some serious sandcastle building going on at the beach, and the Easter bunny was there!
After we came back from the beach, we hung out with the grandkids and their parents at their place.

There were lots of lizards everywhere--little geckos racing around all over the place. For a boy of seven, it was the mission of the day to capture one and hold it in his hand, especially after his older sister caught one handily. The only problem was, she picked it up by its tail, and it promptly broke off as they do when predators get a hold of them.  She caught the same one again, and promptly dubbed him "No Tail Dale".

Her friend Caitlyn caught one but he's got a tail...
The girls were being so successful at catching them, Trevor pouted because he couldn't seem to get one...Man, this kid has the eyelashes! He's going to be in demand with the ladies when he gets older!
Awhile later, Trevor was gratified to see that the little lizard he finally caught liked him and stayed on his arm for awhile....His parents wanted him to let the little lizard go, but he didn't like that idea!

The kids went a mile a minute all day was exhausting watching them! But they were still in great spirits and going strong at dinner time....Sparky took a couple more photos of the kids before it was time to head home.....Cate loves wearing Papa's Panama Jack hat.....
Caitlyn had a great time diving in the pool...even though the photo is a little blurry, I love it because it fits with the whole wavy water, swimmy thing going on.....

We had a lot of fun with the kids the little geckos were glad to see the evening come! See you tomorrow at the steel drums poolside entertainment!


  1. I think those adults are spelling O H I O. It is an Ohio State thing.
    Those grandkids are adorable. They all look like they are having such a good time. Hope you enjoy your week. ~wheresweaver

  2. love, love, love the Sportbrella. . .and that you got to spend the day with your grands. . .have a great week!


  3. Looks like the kids (and adults) had a great day at the beach.

    When are those darn spring breakers going to go back???

  4. Nice Sportbrella ... we have chairs that have an attached awning, but something like this is in our future plans. We were at Siesta Key several years ago. Although it was Mother's Day weekend, it wasn't crowded. Sunsets on the beach, with everyone walking quite a distance out into the ocean at low tide is lots of fun. Lots of sand dollars. The only negative was that we hit the beach at a time when the love bugs were swarming.

  5. Definitely O Hi O!!! Go Buckeyes!!

    Breat pictures of the grandkids! They sure look like they are having a good time. But the poor lizard must have been terrified. Sportbrella looks good. We saw 3 or 4 of them at Delnor-Wiggins State Park Beach down near Bonita Springs today.