Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Last Day with the Grandkids

There was a lot of wind in the park today, we figured there oughta be some great waves at the beach. There were! Siesta Key is a VERY popular beach, given the best rating as the #1 beach in America back in 2010 and another year besides that.

Eldo and Sparky headed over to Siesta Key to spend a few hours with the grandkids and their mom and dad on their last day at Siesta Key. They had a nice little apartment on the ground floor that was a block away from the beach. They paid a fortune for it, and we think they were a LITTLE disappointed that it wasn't the same unit they thought they were getting for the money. It was a one bedroom efficiency on the ground floor, with a hide-a-bed couch for the kids, a one block walk to the Siesta Key Beach and it was VERY expensive! They had the use of a fantastic little pool outside the apartment, a pool that looked like a garden in paradise the way the pool blended in with the landscaping...It was gorgeous.

And of course, most of the time, the whole family was either visiting Papa and Jeannie...a.k.a. Eldo and Sparky, or frolicking at the beach. The kids seemed to get enough of the beach by the end of the week. They spent a lot of time in the little cabana which we gave to them, getting out of the sun. They were tired and sunburned.

But the last day at Siesta Key Beach was an awesome one for all of us...There was a LOT of wind, and the waves were HUGE! Sparky spent a lot of time in the waves, jumping and diving through them, and trying to either boogie board or body surf. It was FUN acting like a little kid again! Eldo had had enough sun, so he stayed in the shade and watched us all...You can see our SportBrella that we got to replace the little cabana as it is easier to put up and has more stakes for support in the wind.

Brian and Katelynne found some cool shells....

After the beach, we went to Woody's River Roo Restaurant on the water in Ellenton. The kids and the adults got pretty silly. Trevor, the seven year old, went around taking goofy photos of the adults with a camera phone.
Sparky wins, no contest!
Sparky took photos of Eldy's family....Cate and her best friend....
Eldy's son, Brian, and his wife, Lori.....
Papa even got a little group massage!
The family is leaving tomorrow morning, and we managed to get one last photo of Eldy and his son...
It was a wonderful week for Brian and his family...They got their wish for BIG waves even if it was on their last day at Siesta Key...We got to see the grandkids more than we thought we would, and everybody had a great time! We wish them a safe trip home back to Indiana.  Happy Easter Sunday, everyone! Hope it is a blessed Easter for all our family and our readers....


  1. There's no doubt the rentals at Siesta Key are expensive. We lucked out and got a tiny efficiency in a four-plex right on the beach at the end of the strip of sand. Since we hardly spent time in the apartment, size didn't matter. And because we rented at the last moment (surprised it was available), we got a heavily discounted prince.

  2. Looks like and awesome week with the grandkids. It's so nice to spend time together in paradise.