Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Back to Ocean Blues in Sarasota

Things have calmed down now that the kids have left and gone back home...time to do laundry, maintenance around the rig, and just veg a bit at the pool. At Sun 'n' Fun, you really don't need to go anywhere outside the park..everything is entertainment, a restaurant/bar on the premises, ice cream treats (STILL---hard to beat Dairy Queen, but it works for me, says E.) disc golf, lots of other physical activities like pickleball and tennis and the awesome indoor pool with resistance lanes for REALLY getting in shape!  They even have in the water treadmills that they can put in at the indoor pool! The live entertainment has been TERRIFIC with either a band or talented karaoke cover singers with guitars or keyboards....

Speaking of live entertainment, we just found out today that Ocean Blues, a downtown club in Sarasota, where we heard Kelly's friends Steve Arvey and Rebecca not too long ago, has a talented young guitar player named David Smash, who has just started playing every Monday night at Ocean Blues. This was the young man from Lithuania who had just come to America 4 weeks ago who burned up the guitar frets with Steve and Rebecca, the night we heard them play. This is the same kid who played the frets with his teeth (!) that night! We're excited to know that he's landed a regular gig, so we went to see him tonight. He's a good lookin' kid, with a great voice and great music skills. Man, can he play the electric guitar and the keyboards! If this young man gets a good band behind him, he's gonna "smoke" the music scene!
Tonight he was by himself, and did a fantastic solo job of entertaining everyone. He did a great job on some Ray Charles stuff, a lot of his own original songs, and you can tell that he has been influenced in his guitar pickin' by some greats like Chet Atkins and Carl Perkins. David is very charming and told little stories about learning the English language (his mastery of the English language is excellent!) He talked a little about goofy expressions that we use here in the states, like, "How's it goin'?" The first time someone asked him that, he said,"With my shoes!"  He apologized for not having the best equipment available to him...he had to balance the keyboard on a highback restaurant dining chair and his equipment was all borrowed. He doesn't even own a music stand. That ought to change very quickly, once the word gets out about this standout guitar player with the great voice and charming personality. (Can you tell Sparky likes this kid? asks E. :-)  Eldo likes him, too! So much that we think we might hang around three extra days to see him again on Monday, with his mentor, Steve Arvey, a very well known musician/singer/guitarist in the Florida blues music scene....
We had a great time once again at Ocean Blues...they have great food and great entertainment. We'll definitely be back...Downtown Sarasota on Hillview Street....Good luck to David Smash, we hope he makes it!

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