Friday, April 20, 2012

Lake Magic Encore RV Park

After a harrowing day yesterday figuring out what to do about my bank card that had been hacked, we settled in to the Encore Lake Magic Park in Clermont, FL. An update on that is, Wells Fargo did an awesome job helping me sort things out. I've already been reimbursed for the fraudulent charges even though they still have to dispute the charges with the merchants. Yay!

Lake Magic is close to Disney World, within 7 miles, and we are thinking about going there, MAYBE, because Sparky has never been to Disney World. We picked up some brochures from the office like we usually do, to read about the area. We are here for just three nights and two days, so we're gonna have to move quickly if we do tour Disney World, AND we're going to have to agree on which park section to see. Eldo has been to Disney World many times, so he is really not too picky about which one he sees. It's just that it's kind of expensive, but we've gotten some tips about where to get discount tickets and it's NOT from the street shops leading to Disney, that advertise with gigantic signs, shouting, "DISCOUNT TICKETS HERE!"  Stay tuned, we might be going.....
Our site at Lake Magic #233
Lake Magic RV park is a very nice park....level, spacious concrete sites, but very little shade...It is surrounded by pretty apartment/vacation rentals. It has two pools, laundry, shuffleboard, pickleball and a small lake...our site, #233, a pull through, has no concrete patio and the ants (fire ants? wonders E. nervously) are everywhere. The sign at the office says to let them know if you are concerned and they will come and spray. Sparky got bit just the other day and YES, WE WANT YOU TO COME AND SPRAY! Man, those fire ant bites are PAINFUL! Those little boogers are tiny, tiny, but they come with a BIG bite and leave a nasty, pus filled sore the next day. UGH! Here is another view of the park....
We love the pool, it's very pretty and it has shaded areas for sitting...

Our first full day here...Eldy woke up and went outside to enjoy the early morning sunrise. He saw about TEN hot air balloons come floating by. Knowing that Sparky loves nature photos and events photos, he came inside to the bedroom and whispered, "Sparky, are you awake?" Sparky was fast asleep so SHE MISSED A GREAT PHOTO OPPORTUNITY! Rats! Eldy did not get any photos of the balloons, he tried with the camera phone, but just missed the bunch. Sparky caught an errant balloon that seemed to be part of the group, but was having difficulty staying in the air. Next time, Eldo, YELL for Sparky to come out and what's going on! I guess these balloon outfitters are regulars around the area, and they have been known to land in the park! Bless his heart, he knew she needed her sleep with a bad shoulder that had been keeping her up at night for the past couple of nights. But, first night on the sleep number bed and she was out like a light!

The park has a little laundry room with a beautiful shady porch just outside it for waiting for your laundry to get done...nice touch!
Free cable TV, 30-50 amp at all sites, you pay for Wi-fi (3.00 a day Tengo Internet services), seasonal cottages available to rent for 60.00 a day, or 1850 monthly (ouch!) Four hundred seventy-one full hookup sites, seventy pull thrus, 45 foot maximum length RV. There is pickleball and tennis....There's a boat launch and a lake--Lake Davenport, at the back of the park, it's big enough to kayak in! This park is part of the Florida Max Pass that we obtained at the Tampa RV show, so we are staying for FREE!  We are only going to stay three days, because that's the maximum stay allowed to move to the next Thousand Trails/Encore park without having to stay out a week of the system. We're kind of checking out the Thousand Trails parks this year in preparation for next. Since the Tampa RV show was in January, we've got till the end of next January to use our Thousand Trails zone memberships and the Florida Max Pass.  This park charges 35.00 a day at this time of year (April) and 180.00 a week, if you don't have the Max Pass. Great rates, but this is April.... We really like the park and highly recommend it!

That's the latest on the park for now.....We're heading over to check out the Thousand Trails park in Orlando later today, and the Florida Mall where there is an M & M store...(Sparky's in trouble already, she LOVES peanut M & M's. The last time we visited an M & M store in Las Vegas, Sparky had a stash that lasted for months! explains E.)  See you there tomorrow!


  1. I'm glad your bank got you taken care of so quickly. It gave me a good lesson and I decided to add more alerts to our bank accounts in hopes of preventing anything like that.

    We visited TT park that's actually in Clermont. I think they list it as Orlando though. That's not the one you wrote about here, is it? I'd be interested in your opinion in comparing the two. I think TT calls it Orlando Thousand Trails, even though it is in Clermont. Don't bother visiting Three's crummy looking.

    From your pics today, I think I would prefer the Clermont TT park, but let me know what you think.

    Glad you're liking the new bed!

  2. Put vinegar on a fire ant bite right after you get bitten. The sore will not appear the next day.

  3. Two years ago I stepped on a fire ant hill in the tall grass with my sandals on and both feet were attacked and badly bitten by fire ants. I had never heard of them before so it was about two days later my feet still burning I figured it out and began treating them. I still have scars of both feet. Get rid of them soon.
    We love our membership camping too, free nights are good!

  4. Have fun at Disney World (if you go) -- Pirates of the Caribbean is our favorite ride there :-))) Hopefully you'll be hitting it during a "quiet time." We've always gone between Thanksgiving and Xmas and have enjoyed ourselves there.

  5. Great to have you reviewing all the 1000 Trails parks for us all. But fire ants, and "let us know if you want us to get rid of them" would definitely cross that one off my list. I'd love to go to Disney since I'm stuck here in Florida but unless you can help me out with some serious discounts, I think it's not happenin'.

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