Sunday, April 22, 2012

M-M-M-M, M & M's

Sparky had a brochure with a DISCOUNT for the M & M store in Orlando, at the Florida Mall. For our first little trip out of the park at Lake Magic, Sparky convinced Eldo to take a trip to the Florida Mall to see it. Not only was there an M & M store there, there were tons of other stores that we like to window shop, like Brookstone, and the Apple Store....

It was about a 30 minute drive to the mall, and what a mall it was. Two hundred sixty stores and 30 restaurants, that wasn't enough to get Sparky's heart a beatin', but the fact that it had an M & M store did! We passed a huge outlet mall on International Blvd. off I-4 on our way to the mall in Orlando, but didn't stop. Sometimes those outlet stores just don't have the bargains you would hope for, we're not sure about the Orlando one. Our main objective was the M & M store...(AHEM! That was Sparky's main objective, I'm just the driver and along for the ride, clarifies Eldy.) It was a cool store, he has to admit!

There was every possible color of M & M's and it boggled Sparky's mind. (Doesn't take much to boggle her mind, laughs E.) Look at the size of the shopping bag they give you to put your choices in! And all colors and flavors sell for $12.99 a pound. Ouch!  But the M & M colors, combinations and merchandise were so cool! There was a $3,000 Savarovski crystal and lambskin leather M & M jacket, custom made if you wanted it, among the hundreds of tee shirts with your favorite M & M character, AND the Nascar M & M race car, too.
Hard not to buy with the way the store was a whole new name to the meaning, "eye candy"....Yuck, yuck!

Sparky managed to assemble quite the stash....which should last all of about two weeks, nah, just kidding...probably a lot longer...Unless a certain someone raids her stash! Not to worry, Eldy is not into chocolate like Sparky is, the stash will probably remain safe! The colors were wonderful...Sparky's favorite are the raspberry chocolate ones in the lower right corner....They had all different shades of pink, purple, blues, greens and reds...Hard to choose!

On to Brookstone....Brookstone is another cool store worth looking inside, even if you don't buy anything. They have all kinds of products, some useful, some quirky, some ridiculous, like this cereal bowl product. You put the milk in the big section, the cereal in the small section, then pull small, bite-size amounts of cereal down into the milk. No time for it to get soggy! I'll bet this inventor started out on Sharks, that TV show where you pitch your invention to a panel and they give you advice and startup money. Whaddya wanna bet?

Sparky LOVES Brookstone for all the chair, neck, and back massagers that they have on the floor that you can try out....If this chair had been empty when we walked in the store, that would have been Sparky laying in it instead of this guy! For about $3,000 and plenty of room in your house, it's yours!

Or, for a whole lot less money, you can get one of these....

Eldy and Sparky loved this chair massage cushion so much, we bought one! Now, we'll just have to take turns in it!  It turns out that the cushion roller options don't operate correctly when placed in the captains' chairs--the driver and passenger chairs are too soft, but if you put it in a regular, harder backed dining chair type, it works much better with the different Shiatsu effects and massage rollers.

We'll see you tomorrow, we don't know where...Right now, Sparky is going to get an in-house the chair!


  1. Had no idea there were M&M stores. I need to get out more often.

  2. Brookstone is one of our favorite stores. There are so many cool different items in there.
    I would have gone crazy in that M & M store. First I love M & Ms, second the colors would have made me buy everything. I better stay away from that entire part of Florida.

  3. We went to the M and M store a long time ago and were impressed, a fun place for sure.