Friday, April 6, 2012


We had heard about Sun 'n' Fun RV Resort from our friends Nick and Ritchie when they came to Bradenton last week...We decided to go ahead a book a week since Eldy's family was coming for a visit this week. It's a little above our budget, but that's why we stay in cheap campgrounds with our zone membership so once in awhile, we can splurge...This campground resort is 250.00 a week..depending on whether you get a standard, premium, or deluxe site. Sometimes these pricing schedules are a little confusing. We had inquired previously about a monthly rate in which they quoted a spring special four weeks for the price of three, and it came out to 785.00 a month, which INCLUDES electric and taxes...not bad for this part of Florida!

This is truly a resort....I don't know about you, but all the RV parks in Florida claim to be resorts and most of them should be fined for making that claim! So many parking lot style parks, with rigs all jammed in together, no shade and no amenities...THIS one is a wonderful exception, so here we go....Sun 'n' Fun RV Resort:
It's a HUGE park, 600 sites in four classes all with full hookup....a HUGE outdoor pool.....
There's a restaurant and bar at poolside with daily two for one happy hour specials...Last night we listened to a Cajun band at poolside called "Gumbo Boogie". They were terrific and we danced up a storm! It was really fun to have live entertainment beside the pool and to watch everyone having fun in the pool at the same time as some toe tapping Cajun music was being played. In a few days, they are having a steel drum band poolside...Sparky LOVES steel drums music!

They have a Fitness/Wellness Center with state of the art equipment and an indoor pool for adults only.....
Here's the fitness room...there are two levels to the fitness center and ANOTHER fitness center in another part of the park!
They have an exercise/dance studio in the fitness/wellness center.....offering all sorts of classes like Zumba. Unfortunately, most classes ended in March.
The park is really kid friendly, which is great for visiting grandchildren....
This is a jumping "pad" instead of a trampoline for the kiddies....
They have a computer classroom complete with computers!

A short disc golf course with mini golf.....
A butterfly garden complete with a little bistro table and umbrella....
There's a beautiful lawn bowling court.
They even have a pet bath and several dog parks!
The sites are roomy and spacious...Here's ours...You don't get to choose where you want to be or what orientation the sun is on your rig. It would be too complicated in this park to get everybody where they need to be if that were the case! We are not in a shaded part of the park but they are available elsewhere.
Some parts of the park are VERY shady....

Of course they have nice tennis courts and pickleball courts...Too bad Sparky pulled a back muscle doing a dumb thing like loading and lugging firewood into the car last week. Her back hasn't been the same since, but IS getting better.  (Another reason to throw out that wood! We've been carrying it around in the car waiting for a park to let us have a campfire, fusses E.)  We'll save it for when we get to Michigan, honey. And before anybody chides Sparky for carrying firewood across state lines, it's barkless. Ok, the courts....
And one of the nicest things about this park? They have a full service SPA with deep tissue massage, facials, microdermabrasion, and all kinds of stuff offered! Wow!

And that's the park....great wi-fi--fast and free, great cell phone signals...we're good to go, er, STAY...maybe longer than a week, who knows?  We'll have to find out what the monthly rate is...We'll keep you informed...see you at the pool, at the spa, at the fitness center, wherever! Or, at the beach with the grandkids...The beach is about 20 minutes from here, we think...More later....


  1. Wonderful park. i would call this a Resort. There are so many RV parks that call their self RESORTS, and we wouldn't even call them a parking lot. They have a slab of cement, gravel roads, and an office. WHAT part of the word RESORT is described here? Your place is what I call a Resort. Enjoy all the activities and fun in the sun. ~wheresweaver

  2. Seems like a very nice place to hang out. And the long term rates seem reasonable enough ... at least at this time of the year.

  3. Very nice park. We stayed there years ago, but I think they have upgraded since then...and we liked it before.

    My issue would be not picking out my site. I want at least a few options.

  4. You have definitely moved UPtown! Enjoy!!!

  5. Resort is a word too many parks add to their name where it is not deserved...this one is a resort!

  6. We love that park and the area. You need to check out Yoder's Restaurant-not too far from the park. Great Amish cooking and pies to die for I'm tellin' ya!

    1. Thanks for the tip! Being from Indiana, we love Amish food!

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