Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Magic Kingdom

Having grown up with the Mickey Mouse Club, and Walt Disney, it was only natural, for Sparky and Eldo to make their way towards the end of the day to the Magic Kingdom, their third and final stop. Eldo wanted Sparky to see the wonderful parade around the Main Street and the castle. It's a beautiful park, as all of Disney World is....very clean, and such beautiful landscaping...We had to spend a couple of hours waiting for the parade to start at 9:00 PM, with fireworks at 10:00. It was fun to people watch....We saw lots of high schoolers having their senior prom (?) trips at the park. Can't imagine being a chaperone for that and trying to keep track of the whereabouts of a bunch of high schoolers! Lots of luck with THAT! This group was spending three whole days at the park!

We sat at the end of Main Street in front of the Walt Disney and Mickey bronze statues at the base of the castle..About 8:00 PM, there was a wonderful show to watch to help pass the time...It was so beautiful watching the colors change, not only of the castle but of the night skies as darkness fell.....

At 9:00, the Disney Electric Light Parade started.. By this time, the tourists have all piled into the park section down by the castle and it's shoulder to shoulder..Some people have no regard for individual space! Sparky was jammed into the wall by the Disney statue with a pregnant woman and her boyfriend and their shopping bags right in front of her face. She couldn't move an inch and had to endure their kissing and canoodling two inches away from her! Geez, get a room why don't ya?  Bah, humbug...oh, sorry, wrong season..Time to turn attention to the parade...The park turn off the park lights and here comes a parade of all kinds of floats with Disney characters and a bazillion lights...Very catchy music as well....The dragon even blew smoke!
There was a spectacular eagle lighted float that was very impressive...All the floats were huge and fantastically lighted...It was magical!
And then came a wonderful light show on the castle...superimposed giant photos of kids and adults having fun at Disney everchanging display/montage of everything magical about the park...The photos can't begin to describe the incredible and interesting changes to the face of the castle as we watched the show entranced. Hard to get one focused, but you get the idea.

And then, the fireworks to cap the magical, enchanted evening.....

The day would not be complete without a few photos of the many, many little princesses we saw all dressed up in gowns and Disney garb.....These little girls were at Hollywood Studios earlier in the day....

And this tired little princess was on the tram heading back to the parking lot at the end of a very very busy day....(I think my princess was just as tired, says E.)  Aw-w-w, yes, I was...It was a truly wonderful, magical day at Disney World...Thanks for joining us....


  1. That nighttime parade is fantastic and worth the weight. Tinker Bell failed to fly the last time we were there, but we still had the fireworks.

  2. What a great tour of Disneyland - especially all those night photos. Those little girls sure look tired - but, happy!