Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Barron Report

Houston, TX            High: 86              
Low 70

Grandma is here visiting me.  She's a lot of fun! She plays with me on the big bed with all the pillows. I jump at grammy and she squishes me with a pillow. I could do that all day!

We are at Galveston Island. Mommy is in a vintage bathing beauty contest. My mommy is so pretty in her green bathing suit. I think she should win!

Grammy can't take photos of my mommy because she has to watch me at the hotel. We didn't sleep too good last night. Some grownups were having a big party last night. They kept waking us up! Then something was wrong with grammy's bed. Uh-oh! Did grammy break the bed? Nope. It started to break in the night. Grammy told the hotel and showed them pictures.

They said, "Oh! Sorry about that! So they gave us another room. While Mommy was in the contest, Grammy took me to the ice cream shop. I had a little vanilla ice cream. It was really good! They had lots of candy at the ice cream store but I'm not allowed to have that. I'm too little. 

Maybe if I give her the look......

Uh-oh! GRAMMY is giving me THE LOOK. Time for my nap. Mommy says I get to go to the beach tomorrow! Oh, boy! That's going to be fun!  Bye bye.


  1. Sounds like you had a special day with your grandson!

  2. Such a nice grammy you have there, having too much fun with her.

  3. oh. . .I'm not sure how Grammy could resist that face. . .