Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Farmer's Market X 5

Sarasota, FL        High:  too high        Low: Not low enough

We've been here long enough Sparky is not going to post the weather temps any more...It's hot, so hot you can fry an egg on the hood of your car if you wanted to!  If we get a cooling spell, Sparky will publish the temps. But's gonna be hot back in Elkhart, IN this week, Eldy's home town. It's gonna be just as hot in Elkhart as it is here for a couple of days, in the high eighties!....But then they get lucky, and temps will go back down into the sixties...

But we're doing ok with the higher temps...We're trying to drink plenty of water, because we get dehydrated much faster with the temperatures climbing...Sparky is wearing her sunscreen every day and yes, mostly every day her sunglasses....

Today we went back to the Sarasota Farmer's Market. It's about our fifth time...What a great market atmosphere! The Sarasota 17 piece jazz band, called the Jazz Project, was playing this morning for a couple of hours. What a great place to sit and listen to some big band music for awhile....Of course, Eldy checked out the brass instruments as he made them for 43 years...These guys are playing some flugelhorns.

People come and walk their dogs through the market, sort of "check out my dog, will ya?" as they stroll....The flower booths are just gorgeous...and so are the flower shirted people who work there!

You can buy gorgeous, BIG houseplants there. Beautiful peace lilies which act as a natural air filter for your home, and fiddleleaf fig plants. Sparky thought 15.00 was very reasonable for a HUGE specimen, about three to four feet high!

All kinds of breakfast and lunch foods are served there..Sparky almost got some strawberry crepes for breakfast today from this guy....They looked yummy!

The big coffee wagon was there, Java Dawg.....It gets VERY busy as the morning progresses....

There is LOTS of organic produce to choose from....

And teas of all kinds are big at the market, too....Sparky is not a tea drinker, Eldo is, but only sweet tea, which is loaded with sugar, he knows.....

Later, we headed over to T.J. Carney's in Venice, a little Irish pub. It had GREAT burgers, Eldo reports! Sparky had some potato skins that were just so-so....And that was our outing for the day! See you later!


  1. We were impressed with the Sarasota Farmer's Market more than any other in Florida. Going to the market on Saturday morning is one of my favorite rituals in life, so I seek them out wherever we go. Sounds like you are getting into the rhythm of life there. Stay cool.

  2. I go to a local Farmers' Market every Sat. morning. Ironically, the thing I don't like is the music. They sometimes bring in a duo to play guitar and sing - I don't care to hear music when I'm shopping, and I definitely don't like Beatles tunes which they are always heavy on. Different strokes for different folks. Your pictures of the Market are beautiful.

  3. ahhh. . .gotta love the Farmer's Markets around the country. . .so great!

  4. Looks like a great flea market. Something for everyone