Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Barron Goes to the Beach!

Houston, TX     High:  89    Low:  73

Sparky got on her daughter's computer this evening, and WHOA! How did SOME of those iPhone photos get so BIG???? Sorry about that! Here, Sparky was patting herself on the back for doing the entire blog on the iPhone, thinking it was moving over just fine to the Blogger format and darned if it didn't format itself over in a different way. Oh, dear! Oh, well!   :-)  So the blog looks a little better tonight and should from here on out, as Sparky heads back home (sniff, sniff) to Sarasota tomorrow and will be back on her trusty computer.

Today was Gramma Sparky's last day with her daughter and grandson. Kerry decided we needed a beach photo shoot. So she got all dolled up in a great nautically inspired, beachy color scheme, and Barron was in the cutest matching navy Nantucket tee shirt, bathing suit and anchors away! hat. They both looked absolutely wonderful and so cute together! It was quite the ordeal to get this little guy ready for the beach...Sunscreen on? Check! Hat on? Check! Bathing suit on? Check! Swim diaper? Forget it! He was only going to be in the water briefly for a few minutes.

It was really, really fun to see him for his first time at the beach! Unfortunately, the Galveston Island beach is yucky, full of seaweed and fish parts and cigarette butts. There's very little sand. Yucky was an understatement! We had to search to find a decent spot to set him down so he could explore. But he didn't care one iota that the beach was nasty...
Kerry set him down on the only clean patch of beach we could find, and that little guy charged the water, full speed ahead. But boy, did it take the both of us to catch him and keep him from venturing any further into the water! It was WAVY! and the waves were crashing into shore. She grabbed him with one hand holding her camera, I grabbed him, one hand holding my camera, the one free hand grabbing his tee shirt, the both of us trying not to get our camera gear wet and he just squealed with delight. If we set him down on the one clean patch of wet sand, he started doing a little crab walk...on all fours, hands down on the sand, butt up in the air, feet scooting along right behind. He scuttled like a little crab right back down to the water. He was fearless!

After totally enjoying himself in the water, it was time to come out, dry off and get ready to head back to Houston. While his mom went to get some water, we watched the waves and the sea gulls for a bit....

OK, I'm done, can we go home now?
And back home we came to Houston....... Bye for now.....


  1. He looked like he was really enjoying himself. I think you did too!

  2. A nice day at the beach can sure wear you out.

  3. This brought back such fun memories of the first time we took our son to the beach in VA. But he was not impressed. Screamed bloody murder when we tried to get him in the water. The sand was okay but not that water. Barron is having such a great time. But that last picture is fabulous.

  4. oh goodness. . .after the beautiful beaches you've been seeing in Florida for the last few months. ..I'm so sorry you had to see Galveston beaches. . .worked for the little guy though!