Monday, May 27, 2013

Checking Out the "Hood"

Sarasota, Fl         High:  93       Low:   68

Is it hot enough for you, Sparky? Egads...YEAH! It's hotter than blazes out there! But thank goodness, there's AC everywhere--and it's working great! Sparky would hate to have the AC go KAPUT! in the car or something....She thinks she is starting to get a LITTLE used to the heat....Eldy sure hopes so, we're planning on hanging around in Sarasota for awhile longer...

We decided to go garage sale-ing today....To check out some estate sales in some nice neighborhoods...Estate  sales seem to be a step up from garage sales, a BIG step up! We attended one today where the prices were kind of 49.00 for an old HP printer that was at least five years old. Heck, you can buy a brand new one for slightly less than 100 bucks! An estate sale company was running the show and they let it be known there was NO negotiating of prices until the end of the sale the next day...That's no fun when you can't negotiate! So we moved on.....We went to another estate sale....It was fantastic and had some amazing things of beauty for sale, but everything was way out of our budget. It was fun to see how others decorate their interiors, like this pink room (shown below) in one home that we visited.....Sparky likes to see the different landscaping as well...The many different palms are so interesting in their stages of development as time passes by....

Sometimes estate sales bum Sparky out. Like when you go to one, and there are five walkers and a special potty seat in the garage, and somebody's clothing is for sale that you know has passed away....Sparky was surprised that this person had a full length mink coat-- here in Florida!

It's different when somebody is just getting rid of clothes they never wear, but when you walk into a house where you know the adult children in the family are closing out the house, and their parents have either passed away or have been sent to live in a nursing home, the atmosphere feels a little depressing....

Sparky read a story recently of someone having to clean out their parents' house more than once, getting rid of clutter and junk, and how frustrating it was because their parents refused to move to something more manageable for everybody. Sparky hopes to never to be that difficult to be moved to a more realistic setting in her elder years, and hopes she never becomes a hoarder of "STUFF". (Too late! She's already a hoarder of craft materials, supplies, beads, yarn, and fabric, says a chagrined Eldo.) Oh, but there's a bit of a difference between hoarding everything and having your stash, right crafty ladies? Sparky thanks you in advance for supporting her habit. :-)

After perusing different neighborhoods and estate sales, we decided to have a nice lunch at Der Dutchman, the restaurant that has the Amish/Mennonite style of cooking with THE BEST fried chicken in the county. The Amish and Mennonites know how to do fried chicken right, that's for sure! 12.99 for the freshest buffet, roasted and braised turkey, homemade rolls, meats, vegetables, salads and homemade gravies....delish! And afterwards, when you have stuffed yourself so much you can hardly move, sit on the front porch and rock for awhile...So we do! You can buy one of these VERY comfortable rockers for around 219.00.
Time to go home and take a nap! See you later!


  1. Now ya got me thinking about the stuff I need to get rid of or find a place for. My kids had enough to do when their dad died and they had to clean everything out, and I've sworn I won't do that to them.

  2. Even though we have a "summer" home here in Ohio, we told the kids not worry about collecting stuff. We won't do it. Our house is too small for all that stuff.

  3. With living in our Coach not much room to collect stuff so we are good now.
    Love the Mennonite Broasted chicken!

  4. Never have been a fan of garage/estate sales. Don't want anybody's cast-offs I guess..of course, where would I put it!? I think we still have too much stuff in our RV now :)