Sunday, May 19, 2013

Houston,Sparky Has Landed!

Houston,TX  high:  seeing my grandson   Low: forgetting my iphone charger

I had a great flight from Orlando to Houston today.  Seats were comfortable, flight was on time.  Just a couple of snafus....Kerry is her mother's daughter. In other words, she is directionally and spatially challenged. She only knows how to drive into the Houston Airport to terminal C. Sparky landed at terminal A. So Sparky had to take a tram to get to terminal C so Sparky Jr. could do the passenger pickup thing.

We connected! Yay! And guess who was in the back seat waiting to meet his grandma! Little Barron! He had not seen me since he was 6 months old. He's not quite sure about this lady who is sitting in the back seat with him making goofy  and silly sounds!

But he quickly warmed up to his grandma.

It was late afternoon when Sparky arrived so Kerry and Barron helped her check in at the hotel. Barron and grandma played "Wrestle With the Pillows" for quite awhile Barron rolled around and around with the five pillows on the big bed. He would take a diving jump on one, tackle grandma and laugh as she gently shoved him backwards so he would fall against another pillow. Then he'd get up and come at her for more! After a bit, grandma read him a story, "Goodnight Moon."

(You said a couple of snafus,Sparky?)  Yeah,Sparky lost her cellphone charger between home and Houston. So now, until Sparky gets another charger, maybe tomorrow, she has to try and do the blog with one fat finger on her Kindle. Arrrrrggghhh!  Not an easy thing to do!

It was easier doing it on the iphone actually!

Tomorrow it's a play day at the mall! Grandma is pooped! It's early to bed tonight!


  1. All that fun sure wears you out.
    Glad you have landed safely. Enjoy the visit!

  2. Glad you made it to our second home. Enjoy your visit.

  3. Well you certainly did a fine job on your kindle. Not having either one, I can't imagine how a pad would be harder than a phone. But......wonders never cease. Sounds like things are off to a great start.

  4. Barron is a lucky little guy to have such a fun grandma. Love Goodnight Moon, brings back fond memories of the years when my boys were little. Glad you have this special time with your daughter and grandson.

  5. Very nice to spend time with Barron. Have fun!

  6. I haven't quite got the hang of posting to my blog from my tablet. Great job! Enjoy your visit!