Saturday, May 18, 2013

Test Post from an IPhone

If this post is short and sweet, and riddled with grammar errors, it's because Sparky did the entire post photos and all with one thumb on the keyboard of her little iPhone. (I always said my woman is multitalented! Says a proud E.) Sparky wanted to see if she could leave her computer at home and still blog from Houston.

We shall see how this works and how it looks. 

Hey! Need a new product that really works to clean your black and gray tanks AND your sensors? Here it is! 
Unique RV Digest It. Our sensors had quit working about two months ago and some RVing friends, Kay and Larry Leamon recommended it. We've tried other methods but nothing worked. After ONE time, RV Digest-It cleared the black sensor!  

The gray is not cleared yet but the product labeling says it may take 2-3 times of application before they are clean enough to register. 

It contains NO formaldehyde and is made in Colorado. It has a very pleasant mild scent. This is a great product!

We've got the black working. Hopefully the gray will be working shortly. This is just the second time we've used it so we think it will. 

Sparky checked her blog post and it looks like this one worked just fine from doing it on the phone. The only problem appears that you can't schedule it when and what time, it's just NOW time, which is ok. So for the next few days, Sparky will be totally blogging on her little iPhone until she gets back to Sarasota. OR, she might be able to borrow her daughter's computer, which doesn't have a camera slot. Hmmmmm, think maybe the iphone will be it for now....That's pretty amazing, isn't it? To do an entire blog on a little phone, photos and all?!  Cool!  (Sparky is easily impressed, explains E.)  :-)

See you in Houston!


  1. Safe travels to you and have a great time!!

  2. I can hardly answer emails or post short comments on my phone. I am IMPRESSED!!

  3. Have used for two years and it is good. It totally dissolves all solids in the black tanks as well and the sensor cleaning.

  4. I'm with Sherry. I too am very impressed. I doubt if I'll ever try to post with my phone. Have fun.

  5. Good job on the iPhone blog post!

    Thanks for the tip on the sensor cleaners too!

  6. WOW great post from the IPhone. Thanks for the RV tank cleaning tip.