Thursday, May 2, 2013

More Fun at Sun 'n' Fun

Sarasota, FL        High:  80      Low:  67

There's always lots going on at Sun 'n' Fun...Even with the park having emptied out their snowbirds this past week, they are gearing up for their summer camp programs...The big 12th annual southern region NAARVA rally is in the park, over 250 rigs or more. The Northeast Florida Campers are here as part of that group, and boy, do they know how to have fun! They had a parade today and we just happened to catch it.
It's too bad the park is so empty... They were throwing out the best beads and candy, too! The Louisiana delegation had MUSIC and dancing, too! Their radio broke down just as they came around the corner, or Sparky might have been dancing, too!
Hope next year they can come back earlier so we can have some more people lining the streets! Looks like a fun bunch!
Just a few minutes before the parade, Sparky was sitting outside, when she heard a lady call out, "Hey, Sparky!" She looked up and here comes a gal with a big smile, Pat Walker. Sparky didn't know it, but Pat has been following our blog since the day we started full timing! Up she came with her husband, Terry, and we chitchatted a bit...She knew EVERYTHING about us, and we mean EVERYTHING! She rattled off a BUNCH of stuff. It was great! It always makes you feel really great when you can help someone else get to know the area through your blog. And Pat had a big ole list of what they were going to do while in Sarasota, because she's been reading us all along.....They are not full timers, but Pat would really like to be! She follows quite a few blogs of you folks out there.....It was great to meet one of our followers, and that's how we found out about the parade today....

We enjoyed chatting with them and hope to meet up with them Monday night for Ocean Blues Jazz Jam.
See you later!


  1. It is always fun meeting fellow bloggers and followers, especially when it is unexpected.

  2. How cool to meet up with a reader. We enjoyed the same experience in Houston. Sometimes it is a bit scary when someone you never met knows so much about you.

  3. How nice to meet up with one of your blog followers!

  4. It is always great to meet up with fellow bloggers ;) They look awfully familiar!

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  6. you guys need to quit diddling there in Florida. . .and get to Houston. . .that grand is getting older by the minute. . .ha ha! and it's a cool 74* here today. . .that's cool for this time of year. . .

  7. What fun to have someone out of the blue yell "Hey Sparky" and find out it's someone you didn't know was following your blog.