Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Keepin' Busy....

Sarasota, FL      High:   86     Low:  69

Sparky made a trip to North Port, FL today....about half an hour from Sarasota. It's the home of the only Hobby Lobby in the area, and Sparky needed some more breast cancer pink ribbon enamel charms for her bracelets and people pins. They are building TWO Hobby Lobbies in the area which will be coming in Sarasota, and one in Bradenton. Sparky is happy to hear that! Eldo, not so much

We are still playing pickleball most mornings this week. There are a dedicated few left to play with, and so each morning, we say, "Are you going to come down tomorrow morning?" And they, like us, say, "Sure! If you are coming, I'll come..." There have only been enough people to play one court of doubles, but that's ok, we get at least three or four games in, and that's how we've been spending our mornings this week. One of the gals we play with invited us to dinner last night! It was a pickleball player dinner night. We got to know everyone a lot better at supper....What a wonderful, friendly group of people...Several are from the east coast---Massachusetts, New Jersey...Their accents and sense of humor were delightful!

Our hosts, Connie and Frank, made a terrific dinner together for us...

A fantastic lasagna...(Sparky, did you take notes? asks E.) :-)  Yep, but Stouffer's is Sparky's "go-to" lasagna recipe, haha....Connie and Frank have a park model and managed to fit everybody (8 people) in at the table, no small feat! A park model at Sun 'n' Fun is about like an RV as far as square footage...400 square feet. You add a lanai on the side, and you get another 400 square feet. It's small, but cozy. We had a great time with everybody.

The weather has been fabulous here in Sarasota, with temperatures in the high seventies most of the week, but now they are starting to climb upwards again....Sparky is getting excited about going to Houston next week to see her daughter and little grandson . Eldy is going to stay in Sarasota and work on polishing the rig and doing some trip planning....

A little crafting, a little TV watching this evening with an "Abby" marathon of C.S.I.....not much else going on today....We'll see you tomorrow.....


  1. Meal get togethers are always fun, your time is winding down there.

  2. Hey I'm no longer a lurker. Terry and I enjoyed meeting you and Eldo. We enjoyed dinner and jazz at Oceans Blues.
    We did get to see the tree art exhibit before we left.
    We did enjoy our stay in the Sarasota area.

    Thanks again Pat walker

  3. I've met some very serious pickle ball players in our travels. What great exercise