Thursday, May 9, 2013

It's Clean Up Your Room Day!

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Well, it's offically "Clean Up Your Room Day"...Today, May 10..It's also "Lost Sock Memorial Day". Sparky is going to take a few moments here to remember all the socks she has lost over the years doing laundry.
AHEM! Ok, now she's back....Did you ever wonder about the more weird and wacky celebration days for each day/week/ or month? SOMEBODY has come up with "National Chicken Dance Day", "Play Your Ukelele Day",  and "National Peanut Butter Cookie Day" for starters. June has been designated as "National Bathroom Reading" month.  July is "Cell Phone Courtesy" month. Sparky LOVES that one and is going to try and promote it!

Here are some more: Nude Recreation Week July 8-14. (WHAT DID YOU SAY? Where?? When is it?? asks E., who is now fully awake and paying attention. :-)  Sparky is more interested in July 11th--Eat What You Want Day. (Heck, she does that every day! exclaims E.) Eldy is interested in August 2--India Pale Ale Beer Day. He likes India pale ale!  We can't wait for August 7--Preposterous Packaging Day. Sparky might write a letter or two complaining to companies who make packages or pill bottles IMPOSSIBLE to open. Or write a letter to a company that puts a tiny little product into a HUGE box with tons of packing peanuts that fly out and explode all over the place when you open the box. And when October comes, don't forget it's "Toilet Tank Repair Month".  Write that on your calendar now, folks. Sparky prefers remembering that that's her oldest daughter's birthday month. But she WILL celebrate "Right Brainers Rule" month that month, too.

If I only had a brain!
Sparky is so right brained, it isn't funny. In a nutshell, right brained people are artistic, creative, messy, visually inspired by color, intuitive, have a better sense of musical awareness, are usually extroverts, are spontaneous  unpredictable, and have difficulty understanding logical subjects like math. Right brainers like to learn by doing and experiencing and having hands on kinds of experiences. Right brainers are the musicians, artists and dreamers in this world. They can be absent minded, like to listen to music while studying or reading, and become restless at long verbal explanations. (Oh, brother, is that Sparky to a "T"! says E.) They are good at reading people's emotions and expressing feelings. They pay attention to HOW the spoken message is delivered--the tone of the voice, the expression on a face. Left brainers are the opposite, naturally. The majority of people are left brained thinkers--analytical, prefer organization and concrete examples based on reality, detail oriented, prefer highly structured jobs, are logical, and are good at critical thinking, numbers and reasoning. They take their time making decisions which are well thought out. The content of the spoken word means more than the delivery.

Most people are a combination of these, with a slight preference towards one or the other, but Sparky is WA-A-A-Y out to the right! :-)  That's why she went into special education, because she knew SHE learned differently, had struggled in school, and knew how much special ed kids suffered with traditional teaching methods. She knew how to reach students with special needs. Many special needs students are right brained in a left brained school world. Traditional teaching methods are very left brained--rote memory, structured, spit-it-back out kind of learning. Thank goodness, THAT'S changed! But Sparky had lots of success teaching children who couldn't read to read with novel and different instructional methods that were very right brained.

Back to today's topic--"Clean Up Your Room Day"...At any rate, Sparky has decided since we only have mainly two rooms in our RV, the living room and the bedroom and the total is only about 400 square feet, it should be "Clean Up Your Rig Day".  :-)  (Oh, boy, you mean you are finally going to clean up that god-awful craft corner of yours? asks a hopeful Eldy.)  HA! That would mean Sparky would just move the stuff around and throw it in different cabinets and drawers and all the stuff would still be there, most likely. But hey, she's going to try...So here's the before.....

And here's the after:

(Uh, Sparky, you forgot the "after" photo?) Uh, nope! Didn't clean up the corner today! Had every good intention of doing so, but got off on a tangent of making some people pins and bracelets for a campground in Georgia! They are going to have a Relay for Life event in July and asked Sparky to send a couple of samples for an auction they are going to sponsor. Here's the bracelet Sparky made....

Not only is Sparky right brained, but a little ADD....she just flits from one activity to another, one topic to another, impulsively creating, blogging, and making her way through each day. But she is having a lot of FUN in the process of making and doing all kinds of activities in her retirement! So the clean up your corner/room/rig day will just have to wait for another slow day to come around......(That might be a LONG time from now! worries E.) Oh, it will get done, honey, just probably not any time soon....  :-)

Bye for now.....


  1. must have run out of things to do or blog've done it all! :)

    1. Yep, things are really slowing down around here...for now... :-)

  2. Kinda sounds like us here in our house, me with the right brain and Suzie with the left, between the two of us almost have a whole brain.

  3. Being a mostly right brained person I really liked this post. I doubt if I'll be celebrating "Clean up your room day".

  4. Your post brings a whole new meaning to the words "you complete me". Isn't it nice that you know each other so well?

  5. ha ha. . .I thought you were gonna write that it was "clean up your room" day 'cause y'all were gonna be moving. . .

    Moving day always inspires a cleaning streak. . .but nope. . .I'm with you. . .I'd rather craft too. . .until the cleaning becomes a necessity. . .have fun!