Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mothers' Day...

Sarasota, FL       High:  82    Low:   60

Sparky doesn't know about anyone else, but it sure was heartwarming to see all the profile photos on Facebook of people as children with their mothers....It seemed like a lot more sentiment floated around this year....It was really nice....

Even though Sparky and Eldy's mom are both gone, and both sets of children are too far away to help all the mothers in the family celebrate Mother's Day, Eldy took Sparky out for a nice late lunch/ early dinner on the water up in Ellenton at Woody's River Roo Restaurant. We had gone to Ellenton to get Sparky a suitable travel bag for flying to Houston on Wednesday. The outlet mall is at Ellenton, and there are some great stores and great buys there.

Woody's is a great place for families...They have mostly outdoor seating, and a wrap around deck/seating area that looks like a little island but is attached to the main restaurant site. Boats can come in and dock, and people came by boat today for lunch. These kids were really enjoying cooling their feet off in the water by the dock.

They have the BEST fish dip around served with saltine crackers...They had two of our favorite musicians playing, The Jack Tambourine Band. Those guys are terrific! They dress up for different songs....Here they were playing "Reggae Cowboy".....
The fellow on the left who plays a terrific fiddle gets on a devil costume when he fiddles "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" complete with smoke! We had seen them play regularly at Sun 'n' Fun so we were really glad to see them here at Woody's! The guy on the right sounds a LOT like Alan Jackson. One of Sparky's favorite songs is "Red Solo Cup." They do a little bit of country, some rock and roll, and the crowd really enjoys them.

People were dancing to the music....
It was a wonderful way to spend the afternoon...We had a nice meal, the weather was beautiful, we sat by the water, and the music was fantastic!

See you later......


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful Mother's Day, great entertainment, good food and awesome company. Not to mention nice warm weather too.

  2. Sounds like a very nice mother's day if one has to be without their children. Me too. But it sounds like you are going to be with your daughter soon. Flying?? Is Eldy staying in the Sarasota he loves so much??

    1. Eldy is staying in Sarasota to get the rig polished and ready to move....It was cheaper to fly to Houston than to take the rig!