Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What's Wrong With This Picture?

Max Meadow, VA  High: 87 Low: 68

Uh, the grandkids left the windows open in 90+ degree heat? Nope! A cool front with heavy thunderstorms came through the Virginia area, and it dropped twenty degrees while we were driving down the highway today. We hoped it was going to stay there in the sixties through the evening, but as we continued on, the temps climbed up once again to the 80's. BUT--once we got to our campground in Virginia yesterday afternoon, the temps dropped back down into the low seventies. We opened up every single window in the rig, turned on our high velocity fan, and just enjoyed the fresh air. Whee-e-e-e-e! The grandkids actually stayed outside and messed around for awhile after supper.....Fort Chiswell RV Park filled up quickly as the late afternoon rolled around......We are tight on one side, but not the other. Eldy is working on hard on finding a park for tomorrow's travels. We are liking the RV Trip Wizard a little better now, that we are getting more familiar with it. As with any full timer out on the road will tell you, they are probably using several tools to find campgrounds, like rvparkreviews.com , the U.S. government site, recreation.gov , that gets you to the national forests, the corps of engineer parks and a host of other websites that specialize in camping membership spots.

Virginia seems to be harder to find good campgrounds with good reviews on the western side of the state than the eastern side, at least that is what we are finding. We are looking for a spot tomorrow night that will be not too far from interstate 81 as we continue to work our way to Pennsylvania.  Eldy's been at it now, looking, for about an hour and a half. Stay tuned and we'll let you know if we find something worthwhile!


  1. Guess I've got my blog order a little mixed up. Been having a lot of trouble with blogger lately when I try to publish or revise. A pink bar keeps showing up saying the blog failed to publish or revise. Try again."

  2. I'm jealous of your weather!

    I have an app on my Droid called "places". It's kind of like Yelp I guess, but I like it better. I keyed in campground and it gives you the ones in the areas. There are usually rating on them and it's pretty useful. We haven't used it too often for campgrounds...usually restaurants, but we sure like it.

  3. Nice temps! Thanks for the links for the RV spots.

    Blogger is acting up for me, too.

  4. Do you use Live writer? Maybe you have a Mac. I'd love to have a Mac because I hate microsoft windoes but I would never be willing to give up Microsoft's Livewriter for my blog it just makes dealing with Blogger SO much easier. I can post and revise multiple times with no problem. Actually I wish I'd started the blog on Word Press but those who use it say it has other problems. So what are you gonna do??

  5. Those 80s sound real good right now.
    Here are two other sites I use besides the ones you mentioned. Several times we have found a place to stay using one of these that RVReviews didn't even have. Hope they help.