Thursday, July 19, 2012

Waiting for Mom and Dad.....

East Stroudsburg, PA  High: 85  Low: 68

The kids got up, ate breakfast which was Grandma Sparky's specialty--homemade Egg Muffin sandwiches--Bay's English muffins, sliced cheese, Canadian bacon, and and beaten egg cooked in a little gadget that makes the egg fit perfectly on a round English muffin. Got it at Camping World. You could do the same thing in a custard dish, I suppose, but Sparky likes gadgets that make cooking a little more fun. (Now if she would just use HALF the gadgets she's gotten, we'd save a TON on eating out! There's that slicer and dicer we picked up at the Monday morning flea market in Webster, Fl., there's the---) Ah, yes, Sparky is not fond of cooking....But every once in awhile, she comes through with a nice meal. We actually have been eating at home more out of necessity, because everybody knows, eating out is a budget killer! Unless you work to find specials, share a meal, etc., which we do. But with the grandkids here, Sparky rose to the challenge and cooked a BUNCH!
Trevor and his Friendly's Vol-cono sundae

The kids worked on their blog, then waited anxiously for word when their mom and dad were going to arrive. Their parents were going to spend the night in Ohio, and had a TERRIBLE experience. They ended up having to leave their motel and drove all night. The kids have talked about Friendly's so much, the parents are interested in eating out there! Maybe another trip is in order this evening. A family of four can eat at Friendly's and have an entire meal, drinks and a nice dessert for under 30.00. The grandkids love Friendy's because of the ice cream. The food is decent, too.

Sparky and the kids have been walking the campgrounds every evening around dusk, watching for the deer. More campers have come in, and some noisy ones at that, so the deer are not as visible the last two days. But Sparky was out riding her bike last night, about twenty minutes before sunset, and came upon a doe, nursing her TWO fawns at the same time. Sparky almost missed it, but heard the slurping sounds of the young ones noisily feeding, looked over to her left and there they were right by the side of the road! The only camera she had was her iphone so the photo is fuzzy. But it was a special sight, and Sparky is glad she got to see it.
another sighting on another evening

We waited, and waited....Brian, Eldy's son, would text and tell us how far they were....Finally, here they were!

Cate and her dad
Tried to get a photo of Trevor hugging on his mom but everything all happened so fast! Trevor said, "Mommy, I am never letting go of you ever again!" And he clung to her like a monkey wrapped around a pole! The kids were wired...lots of catching up to do...

We headed over to the waterslide for one more family fun outing,
Brian--Eldy's son, and Eldy a.k.a. "Eldo"
then to Friendly's for one last favorite meal of burgers, ice cream and special drinks.

We did our last deer watching for the grandkids, and Trevor got very up close and personal with a doe! Some residents here put out corn for the deer...not supposed to, but they do. This particular campground has NO signs about not feeding the wildlife, so people think it's ok. One of the does lets you get within touching distance of her. Her skittish fawn wisely kept away....That was surprising to see that when the mother allowed human contact, the baby still stayed away...

"Papa, is this what they mean about 'deer in the headlights' look?" wonders Trevor....

We decided to have a campfire for everybody...Sparky hasn't had one in months! (FINALLY! We've been carrying wood around in the car and in the rig bay for a LONG time!) Sparky LOVES campfires and got out the rainbow sticks to add some color. These are cylinder tubes with chemicals that react with heat to make pretty colors. You can do the same thing with a piece of copper tubing placed inside a short cut up section of RUBBER hose and let the hose piece burn in the fire. The copper tubing is re-usable over and over. Cate and Trevor thought that was cool.

At 10:00 PM, it was time to call it a night...we said our goodbyes and the kids piled into the car to head back to their motel, they leave tomorrow morning for Indiana. It was great having the grandkids, but it was EXHAUSTING!  Tomorrow is a quiet day, a REALLY QUIET day..we'll get our laundry done, clean house, and plan our trip towards Bar Harbor, Maine, where Sparky is going to spend her 62nd birthday July 18th! IF--there's availability at the Encore park at Mt. Desert Narrows in Bar Harbor, so we'll see! Encore parks offer some good discounts to Thousand Trails members. We are going to stay at one Encore park for 99.00 a week, and the other one for 199.00 a week. More about that later....


  1. You cleverly mention the birthday one day after it has passed. Hope you had a great birthday yesterday.

  2. Happy belated birthday, Jeannie/Sparky. Maybe we'll meet one of these days.

    Your trip with the grandkids sounds awesome.

    Susan & Bob

  3. Caught the date on the birthday also. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! What a treat having the grandkids with you to celebrate.

  4. Sounds like a great time was had by all. And hope the birthday celebrations were or will be great!
    Now on the road soon, love the Bar Harbour Area, Travel safe.

  5. CELEBRATE!!! Bar Harbor sounds like the perfect COOL place to do it. And $99 a week AMAZING. Take me away please! It's 81 at 8am this morning on it's way to 93. :-(((

  6. Glad you had some great time with the family this summer. Happy Birthday.

  7. You will love Bar Harbor. . .and especially Acadia National Park. . .I hope you have lots of time to spend there. . .so much to see!

    I'm one of those weird people who like to cook. . .but try for great discounts. . .and if you get their email updates, they send you a code. . .this week the code is LUNCH. . .and you can get a $10 off coupon for $1.60. . .we use them often!

    Enjoy Bar Harbor. . .I'm actually jealous of ya!


  8. When I was dating Jim, we lived in Virginia, he would take me out for dinner and always, and I mean always, we had to stop at Friendly's for dessert - he had a Jim Dandy and I'd have a bite of it. He loves that place.